Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: New Teaser Reveals the Film’s Title And Animation Style For 2022 Release

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero debuted its new title and animation style for the upcoming film this morning at Comic-Con@Home.
Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball has been one of the most popular anime properties of all time. Now Dragon Ball fans have new exciting news to celebrate that has surfaced during Comic Con@Home.

It has been announced that a new animated movie based on the hit franchise will be coming in 2022. The announcement came during a special Dragon Ball Special panel, debuting its new title and animation style for the upcoming film.

The new Dragon Ball movie will be called Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and will feature franchise protagonist Goku in a new adventure that will be shown in selected movie theaters. Producer Akio Yuko talked about the new film during the online event.

Dragon Ball Comic-Con@Home 2021 Special Panel

During the panel Yukio explained that “We’ve got two “supers” in there, which is great,” series producer Akio Iyoku said when asked about the movie’s new title, adding “We really want to emphasize that this movie is about the superhero vibes.” While no story details were given about the new movie.


Yukio then explained that Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama is really focusing on the “superhero aspect this time as well.” Animation producer of the Dragon Ball series and the film Dragon Ball: Broly, Norihiro Hayashida, explained that “I really want everyone to see what role the new characters play in the new movie.” The show’s producers explained in the panel that the new animation style will make the movement smoother, and it was put together using new technology.

Dragon Ball

While the teaser doesn’t show an actual scene from the movie, it does show off the new animation style. Although the film’s producers hinted that if fans watch the teaser multiple times, they can get an idea of the movie’s style. Hayashida explained that “We’re trying new things, so we’d like you to watch many times to see what sort of ingenuity we’re making it with,”. When Hayashida was asked how the new animation style differed from the old one, Hayashida again encouraged fans to rewatch the short teaser. “I won’t get into details today, but you’ll notice if you watch many times,”.

Iyoku then added:

“We only saw a brief moment, but the actual visual expression of Goku’s moves and such… incorporate quite a lot of ingenuity using different technologies.”

With these comments from the producers it’s safe to say long-time Dragon Ball fans should be pleased. Finally longtime Goku voice actor, Masako Nozawa, who voiced the iconic character for 35 years gave approval of the new art style. Nozawa explained, “They might seem exaggerated at first glance, his movements may seem exaggerated, but there’s very fine detail to it. I love to throw in some improvisations in those moments.”

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will release in 2022. What do you think of the news? Let us know in the comment section below or over on our social media!


Source: Comic Book


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