Deadpool: Josh Brolin Addresses Possible Cable Return & 4 Film Deal

Josh Brolin has opened up on Cable's possible MCU future and his original film deal.
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Josh Brolin starred as Cable in Deadpool 2. Now that the loquacious mutant anti-hero is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the world’s largest mouse, Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, fans wonder if we’ll ever see Cable again.

Following Disney’s acquisition of Fox, all rights to Deadpool and other X-men related characters belong to Marvel Studios. As previously mentioned, Josh Brolin played Cable. However, he also played Thanos, The Mad Titan himself.


Needless to say, these characters are rather distinct from each other, and now that Thanos is gone, there’s nothing really stopping Brolin from returning as Cable as far I know. Then again, it all depends on how Marvel plans to introduce mutants to their cinematic universe.

Well, here’s what Thanos had to say about that.

Josh Brolin Talks Cable

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At a recent virtual spotlight panel at ACE Universe, Brolin opened up on Cable’s possible MCU future. 

“Deadpool worked out very much in my favor,” he says in the video below. “Deadpool was supposed to be four movies. Maybe there’ll be more – I don’t know what Marvel has in store – but it turned out to be one really fun movie for me.”

Brolin is being more flattering about his Deadpool 2 experience here than in previous interactions where he mentioned how his role in the sequel felt like a “business transaction.” In that interview, he applauded Marvel Studios, so now Deadpool 3 is being produced by Kevin Feige and company, the groundwork could be laid for Cable to show up in the threequel.

Brolin mentions a four-picture deal as Cable. Chances are that was supposed to include Deadpool 3, X-Force, and a possible solo outing, but his contract may most likely be renegotiated now that it’s Disney’s in charge.

If I were a betting man, I’d say Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool would be the only constant from the X-men universe and he may bring Josh Brolin’s Cable along with him. As for the X-men, we can expect a new cast, I highly doubt they’ll go down the multiversal route to bring X-men into MCU.

What do you think about all of this? Would you like to see Josh Brolin return as Cable? Are you still holding out hope to see Thanos again? Let us know in the comments. If you like what you’ve and can’t wait for more, follow our social media. Thank you for reading, have a great day.

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Source: ACE Universe


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