Big E Attributes His Popularity To Going Against The Grain

Congratulations to Big E on his well deserved “Money in the Bank” cash in. The fighter shares his secrets.
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Congratulations to Big E on his well deserved “Money in the Bank” cash in.

He has had such a big push with being a solo star on Smack Down, away from what some would say the most loved and influential stable in WWE at the moment, The New Day. Many say Big E is the New Day member with the most potential for stellar success.


When thinking about this new placement of the strap on Big E, there is a lot to consider. He’s been with WWE for about 14 years, he is a fresh baby face, and WWE has had the reign of the heels for quite some time, and last but not least the rating for Raw has been very low, and with Monday night football killing in the ratings war there needed to be a change up. Namely putting the strap on Big E. 

Big E’s Big Success In The Game

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The biggest area in which most are discussing is the unconventional behavior and overall presentation of Big E and the New Day. Anyone that has watched wrestling (WWE) within the last 2 months would have noticed the New Day’s affinity for cosplay, hijinx and, antics that make them crowd favorites.

But that isn’t the consensus for critics and pundits that are truly inside baseball with their view of wrestling. Paul Heyman, had a discussion with Big E on Talking Smack and told Big E that their happy, dopey persona needs to go away the moment he won the intercontinental belt and then reiterated that same point when he lost it to Apollo Crews. 

Then there’s Jim Cornette, who has never held punches on his opinion of the New Day and their attire and demeanor and how it is a direct detriment to them as athletes. He calls The New Day, The New Joke. In his opinion the simple comparison of Big E (the champ) vs Bobby Lashley, Randy Orton, and Drew Mcintyre is night and day.

He even condemns WWE on the decision to put the strap on Big E without changing his personality because it demeans the title. Despite all the critiques, and hate, Big E and The New Day stuck to their guns. Big E spoke with Sam Roberts on his Notsam Wrestling Podcast and talked of the importance of remaining true to himself.

“That’s a lesson I learned with The New Day because we have the same pressures to change, to be more serious, to fit in a certain mold, and we just didn’t want to. We simply were stubborn about it. We believed so much in our chemistry in the three of us and our talent. I was extremely fortunate and blessed to be with two other guys who I think are incredible on the mic, in the ring, who can do so many things even outside of wrestling, and are just tremendous human beings.

That taught me a real lesson in this business that even though there is a certain formula or a certain mold, you can do things in a way that feel authentic, genuine, and unique to you because in my mind, we didn’t need another guy who comes out wearing all black who is brooding and comes out to heavy metal or scary dark things.

“There’s so many awesome characters. That’s not me judging. There’s so many people that do that and kill it. That’s not me. I think a big part of success in wrestling is finding where the void is, finding what people aren’t doing, and finding what it is that you can do and what you’re good at that can fill a certain niche or a certain void. As much as I think there are people who will be bigger than me, who will be stronger than me, who will be taller than me, maybe better talkers than me, but I don’t think, respectively without me being too arrogant, I don’t think there’s someone who can simply replace me.

I don’t think there’s another me out there right now. There are a lot of people who can do a lot of incredible things in different ways, but I just feel like I’ve found the way I was supposed to perform. I’ve found the way I was supposed to connect with people. So much of this feels right with me. A lot of it is just leaning on my intuition.”

Big E. has been working hard to get over with his in-ring skills as well and what he can do on the mic. Big E’s win is a great way to get fans talking about the WWE, and it creates some interesting booking possibilities with heels pushing for title chase programs with Big E. 


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