Super Mario Bros. 2022 Film Releases Date & Voice Cast

The Super Mario Bros. animated movie will premiere in North American theaters next Christmas Season.
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For nearly 40 years, Mario has been entertaining fans and video gamers around the world. Originally created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario was just a normal playable character in the hit 1981 Donkey Kong game and didn’t have his own name. But now 40 years later, Mario has became a pop cultural icon.


The world will once again have the chance to see him in a new light, as everyone’s favorite Italian plumber will be making his return on the big screen, this time in animated form.

Super Mario Bros. To The Rescue

During today’s Nintendo Direct, it was announced by Nintendo and Illumination that a Super Mario Bros. animated movie will premiere in North American theaters next Christmas Season. The animated film is planned to premiere on December 21st, 2022. Nintendo also announced the voice cast of the upcoming film. What’s iconic is that Miyamoto himself announced the cast during the Nintendo Direct, and let’s just say it’s star-studded.

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For the role of Mario it has been announced that Guardians of The Galaxy and Jurassic World star Chris Pratt will voice the iconic and popular Plumber. Queen’s Gambit star Anya-Taylor Joy has been casted to voice Princess Peach. Charlie Day will voice Mario’s Brother and everyone’s favorite Ghost Hunter Luigi.

The film also casted comedian Jack Black to voice Mario’s arch nemesis and one of video game’s most iconic villains all time Bowser. Comedian Keegan-Michael Key has been casted as the voice of Princess Peach’s most trusted handler Toad. Additionally A-List Hollywood comedian Seth Rogen has been casted as the voice and also iconic Video Game icon Donkey Kong with Fred Armisen voicing Cranky Kong.

Nintendo also revealed that the Koopas will be in the film such as Kamek and Spike. Illumination also announced Kevin Michael Richardson will be voicing Bowser’s Advisor and Super Mario Villain Kamek. Sebastian Maniscalco as Spike. Then finally there will be additionally surprise cameos in the film voiced by the voice of the original Mario himself Charles Martinet.

Mario has been a staple and iconic figure in the video game industry. The character has appeared in over 200 Video Games since his first appearance on Donkey Kong in 1981. Mario’s likeness has been featured and appeared in many forms of merchandise. Those merchandise include clothing and collective items. The success of the Mario and his games even help influence multiple Universal Studios theme parks based on him.

The character even had his own live action film called Super Mario Bros that released in 1993 and was played by Bob Hoskins. However the film was a flop and a huge disappointment. The main reason for the film’s failure was its confusing narrative, inconsistent tone, and lack of similarity from the games. However Hoskins performance of Mario was praised and even became a cult following with fans. Hopefully with this upcoming animated film, it will give a proper tribute to Mario and to his historic legacy in the video game industry.

(Super Mario Bros Film Announcement On 58:00 Mark Of Video)


Source: IGN


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