My Hero Academia: Season 6 Officially Announced To Fan Delight

Our favorite heroes in training are continuing their journeys as season 6 of My Hero Academia has been officially announced.
My Hero Academia 6 Poster

Our favorite heroes in training are continuing their journeys as season 6 of My Hero Academia has been officially announced.

Fans of the show and manga are super excited because following the end of season 5, we are about to get the next movie My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. The film arrives in the coming month, and it will lead right into season 6.

Where Does My Hero Academia Go Next?

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We ended My Hero Academia season 5 with an impending doom upon the world. The first half of the season showed students training against other classes and doing their work study internships to prepare them for the coming war, thanks to the tip that faculty got from Hawks, the number 2 ranked pro hero and Endeavor, the number 1 ranked pro hero. The other half of season 5 was the My Villain Academia arc, in which the League of Villains encounters the Meta Liberation Army (let’s call them MLA). In this arc, we get an inside look of Shigaraki Tomura’s tragic origin. We also got a slight glimpse of Toga Himiko’s beginning. Both were tragic, but personally, I really felt for Shiggy. 


You often are told that villains in any context are inherently bad but actually? They are often just misunderstood and misguided which leads them to make bad decisions. Take Twice for example, he was also an underdog and went through unimaginable trauma after watching duplicates of himself kill each other, resulting in his double personalities. He found solace within the League after being scouted by Giran. But it’s Twice’s loyalty to the friends he made in the League of Villains that sets him apart and gives him a hero persona when he goes to their rescue. Of course, these characters I mentioned are terrible people who have committed terrible and unforgivable acts at the end of the day.

One really big thing we saw towards the end of this arc in season 5 was how some of the League of Villain members had their “awakenings”. This happened when they were each on the brink of death – it awakened something inside and heightened their meta abilities. It’s because of this awakening that Shigaraki Tomura defeated Meta Liberation Army boss Re Destro. They didn’t even need to use their secret weapon – Gigantomachia – against the MLA. This defeat resulted in Shiggy becoming the head honcho of the army he renamed the Paranormal Liberation Front. 

We end My Hero Academia‘s season back on UA grounds with the students enjoying dinner and each other’s company while Shiggy is undergoing the transfer of power given by All For One’s accomplice doctor and mad scientist Kyudai Garaki. Apparently to him, with the transfer of the power, Shiggy will also have some of the power of One For All – the quirk that All Might bequeathed to Midoriya – which totally left me open mouthed.

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We see right before Shiggy sits in the chair that he’s looking down at his badly bruised and cut arm, something very Midoriya-like. I couldn’t help but to notice that in the flashback scenes of Shiggy’s origin, he resembled Midoriya quite a bit. Could he and Midoriya be all that different? I can’t wait to find out.

A released date for season 6 has not been announced yet but I am “PLUS ULTRA” excited for what’s to come! What are your thoughts? Watch the announcement trailer here:



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