Power Rangers Movie: How Leaked Script Details Can Still Work

We go over some of the leaked details of the Power Rangers movie and see what aspects of the leaked script could still work.

Take a step back to see the big picture

According to the leaked details, the multiverse was said to factor into the equation in addition to time travel. The multiverse is what appears to be all the rage now in superhero fiction, both Marvel and DC are aggressively heading down that route much to the excitement of fans alike, so naturally, Power Rangers would want to follow suit, they’ve already done it in the comics for Boom Studios’ iconic Shattered Grid event. Speaking of Shattered Grid, there’s more on that later.

The concept of the Multiverse is nothing new to Power Rangers, we’ve seen Ranger’s breakthrough multidimensional thresholds before, however, it may be too soon, for a Power Rangers film of this magnitude to delve into the multiverse.


Jin’s Revenge mentions how this movie is set in its own universe, and the rangers not only time travel but cross into another dimension, that may be too complicated, and unnecessary, it’s also the only detail that differs from what my colleagues reported, but as I said, things changed and are probably still changing.

From what we were initially told, the movie exists in the same continuity as the TV show. It’ll be wise for the movie to remain canon allowing the history of Power Rangers to be explored with more ease, as well as take a better linear approach to time travel. What Hasbro can do is touch on alternate realities towards the end of the movie, planting the seeds for a Shattered Grid feature if they play their cards right.

As for the multiple different suits and zords for each reality/timeline, that would be unnecessary as far I’m concerned and may have more to do with fan service than the film’s actual plot.

Power Rangers has a longstanding tradition of changing zords and suits along with characters which have led to the longevity of the franchise, however, there is no good reason to stuff so much tradition into one movie, because it could very likely be at the expense of the plot and characters.

Yes, fans love nostalgia and easter eggs, but those work best when they offer something to the story. If Hasbro wants to treat fans to some easter eggs, past rangers should make cameos, and callbacks to past seasons should be provided once they don’t take anything away from the movie.

The Potential of seeing Shattered Grid in the future

I hope that this Power Rangers movie would be the first step to an enormous Shattered Grid event on the big screen, this may be wishful thinking on my end, but that was a story of monumental proportion in the history of Power Rangers.


Shattered Grid was a comic book series where an evil version of Tommy Oliver called Lord Drakkon from an alternate reality embarked on a power-hungry quest, killing various Power Rangers across space and time, and every living ranger from past, present, and future, from all corners of the multiverse needed to band together to stop him.

Upon reading the leaks, I realized that there is potential for a Power Rangers: Shattered Grid movie, I hope and pray that Hasbro doesn’t miss that opportunity. Imagine the awesomeness that will unfold from seeing all Power Rangers unite in a theatrical film, the cheers from adoring fans will echo beyond the cinema, people would think that the noise is coming from a Sports Stadium.

Final Thoughts

power rangers super megaforce all ranger legendary battle

Power Rangers hold a special place, in not only my childhood but my heart, but also myself as an adult. My fondest memories growing up were from watching Power Rangers. I see Power Rangers as underdogs, young people who don’t realize their potential until they’re called to greatness.

On a surface level, Power Rangers is far from perfect, there are aspects from the show that are ridiculous and laughable, but there’s heart, representation, and a story to tell. When writers take the material seriously, you’ll be surprised to see how good the show can be, take RPM, Time Force, Lost Galaxy, and In Space for instance.

Hasbro buying Power Rangers was the best thing for the franchise, they want people to take Power Rangers seriously and they want Power Rangers to be able to grow with most of us who grew up watching as well those who are growing up watching it right now. With 28 years of material along with more to come, I can’t wait to see what Hasbro has in store for Power Rangers.

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Source: Jin’s Revenge/The Illuminerdi


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