Dark Manual: Apple TV+ Comedic Sci-Fi Drama Eyeing Rashida Jones And More New Story Details: Exclusive

The Illuminerdi has new details on the production of Dark Manual for Apple TV+.
Dark Manual robot Rashida Jones

The Illuminerdi has new details on the production of Dark Manual for Apple TV+.

In the ever-expansive battle between countless streaming services, Apple TV+ is quickly rising to the top of the pack thanks to numerous excellent shows that have come to the forefront. Having first debuted just over two years ago, Apple has taken some huge steps forward by not only creating their own content in the same vein as Netflix, Hulu and others, but by bringing content that people can’t get enough of in a short period of time.

The cream of the crop includes widely-popular new outings like Bill Lawrence’s Ted Lasso, which has taken the world by storm thanks to the hilarity of Jason Sudeikis’ American-football-coach-turned-European-football-coach. Even for a show that became a 20-time Emmy nominee and a seven-time winner after one season, this is just the tip of the iceberg for Apple TV+ as it moves into its third year of service.

Ted Lasso


Future Hawkeye star Hailee Steinfeld brought Emily Dickinson to life for two seasons in Dickinson while Jennifer Anniston and Steve Carrell led a cast of A-listers in The Morning Show, and that seems to be only the start for the relative newcomer in the streaming sphere. The best part is that Apple is nowhere near finished thanks to dozens of nominations and awards already coming the studio’s way.

Dark Manual Story and Production Details

Now, it appears that the service is planning a new darker comedy series set to go into development over the next few months. We at The Illuminerdi have some exciting information on this new addition to Apple’s catalog, which we are happy to share with you right now!

Dark Manual robot Rashida Jones

According to our sources, Apple TV+ is currently working on a 10-episode 1/2-hour series called Dark Manual, which is described as a “darkly-comedic half-hour drama.”

Dark Manual centers on an American woman named Suzie living in Japan, whose life is turned upside down when her husband and son go missing after a plane crash shrouded in mystery. After this, she’s given a version of a new domestic robot made by her husband’s electronics company, the robot is referred to as Sunny.

Although Suzie starts off not liking Sunny at all, they gradually grow closer as something of an odd couple, with Sunny sort of filling in for the love and sense of family that she lost when her husband and son died. As their friendship grows, Suzie learns the truth abiut her husband and what happened to her family, all while discovering a world she never knew was real.

Dark Manual robot Rashida Jones

There are no character desctiptions other than the one for Suzie, and there is currently an offer out to Rashida Jones to play the role. At this time, there is no word whether Jones has officially signed on or not.

It appears that once again, Apple TV+ is bringing something different and exciting to the streaming world with this new dark comedy featuring another round of human interaction with the world of robotics. With many of the Dark Manual details still under wraps, this description along with the company making the show should bring a level of excitement to fans as Apple brings more of the specifics together.

The production has had talks with actress Rashida Jones for the lead role, however according to our sources, at this time no deal has been finalized. While Jones isn’t confirmed for a role in the show just yet, this would add yet another intriguing project to her growing resume. Having most recently starred in successful shows like Angie Tribeca, this role seems like one that Jones would fit well should she take the job.

Dark Manual robot Rashida Jones Apple TV logo

Dark Manual is tentatively set to begin production in March 2022. We hope to share more information on Dark Manual as it becomes available! What do you think of this new series? Let us know in the comment section below or.over on our social media!



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