Power Rangers: The Secret History Of The Sixth Psycho Ranger

The Psycho Rangers are crazy evil in Power Rangers, but this secret sixth member of the team is crazier than that.

The Psycho Rangers were some of the most iconic villains, if not the most iconic Ranger team in Power Rangers history. They are stronger, faster, and cooler versions of our superhero spandex team. Well, some fans of the series may not know there is a sixth Psycho Ranger, and their origin & story is far from ordinary. Let’s take a look.

Trek is a comic-book exclusive character, seen in issues of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book series by Boom! Studios, as well as the graphic novel, Power Rangers: The Psycho Path. Being from over hundreds of years ago, he is from the planet Xybria, which is the same planet as Trip, the Time Force Green Ranger!

He was actually a good guy originally, being a part of the Supersonic Rangers team, and you may know this team as being one of the New Powers from Power Rangers Super Megaforce, known by its Japanese origin from Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman. Now, even though Trek was in this team as the Supersonic Green Ranger, he wouldn’t really get along with the team much, especially Ace, the team’s Red Ranger, as they would get into a lot of arguments.

The Tragic History of the Green Psycho Ranger in Power Rangers

The villain of Power Rangers in Space, Dark Specter would end up making contact with Trek. He would end up filling his head with the idea with bad thoughts, making him think his team thought he was worthless and that they never considered him one of them. With all of these thoughts, it made Trek follow Dark Specter’s commands, eventually ending up planning the defeat of the whole Power Rangers Supersonic team.


So, now with his teammates dead, Trek would depart for Planet Infernus to join his new master. Dark Specter would use his dark power to change Trek’s Supersonic Morpher into a new Morpher along with giving him a new Ranger form, being the first-ever Psycho Ranger – Psycho Green, the Dark Specter’s right-hand man.

power rangers psycho green

Fast-forward to the 1860s where he would be sent to the moon to release Rita Repulsa from her space dumpster, but luckily, Zordon and Alpha 5 had set up defense blasters, shooting down Psycho Green’s ship. Now stuck on the moon, the ship put Psycho Green into hibernation. However, 100 years later in 1969, the events of the moon landing awakened Psycho Green once again.

He would go on to continue his mission to release Rita from her dumpster, however, no defense blasters here this time, we have Power Rangers, the 1969 team of Rangers, one of the first teams of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers also seen exclusively in the comics.


Psycho Green would end up taking down most of the team though, destroying three of the five members. He would even reveal his own monster form, similar to the ones we would see the rest of the Psycho Rangers have. But even with all this though, the Rangers still managed to defeat him, and we would see Trek merely hiding on the moon, deep inside buried under the surface of the moon for decades with the combination of Dark Specter’s dark energy and Trek’s own corrupted connection to the Morphin Grid.

This would help preserve his youth and armor for multiple years, remaining in the shadows, even escaping the Z-Wave, which is the energy beam Zordon released when he got destroyed, managing to vanish all the villains in the universe, but not Trek.

Trek would escape and manage to find the Data Cards of the five Psycho Rangers that came after him, but basically reprogrammed them, resurrecting them into becoming more loyal to each other, and all who are children of Dark Specter, wanting to rebuild his army after his defeat in the episode “Countdown to Destruction“. He even had Karone trapped, wanting to reprogram her into Astronema once again, brainwashing her to combine both Karone and Astronema into one.

However, this was a bad idea, as Trek started to lose control of his own Psycho Rangers, with them connecting to Karone more, with Yellow being the only one who still is on Trek’s side. As one may guess, this didn’t end well for Trek, as by the end of the story, we see Trek in a prison cell, where we can assume he still is to this day. We never saw him again after that.

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