Hasbro Confirms Plans To Reinvent The Power Rangers Franchise

Hasbro has confirmed their plans to reinvent the Power Rangers franchise after Power Rangers Dino Fury with a new era that will be “creating a new universe for a broader audience across film, premium TV, animation & kids content” at their recent Investor Event. We previously reported back in July of last year that Hasbro […]

Power Rangers Issue #4 Preview

For fans of the Boom Studios Power Rangers Comic Book Series, here is your first look at Ryan Parrot’s upcoming new issue of Power Rangers #4. Parrot’s current series so far has been a fan favorite and has been an interesting development for the Power Rangers franchise. The new series focuses on and continues on […]

Boom! Studios Announce New Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic Collection Set

It is Morphin’ Time again as Boom! Studios prepare to give fans of the comic series a new version of the classic comic series that has given new fans and old fans a new experience of the teenage superheroes. Now Boom! is giving fans a morphenomenal treat with the release of a new hardcover set […]