The first trailer for Jammingers the Movie has just gone live. The Ranger-inspired movie features a music-themed team of heroes created by Henshin Squad. The latest trailer gives fans a preview of the Jamminger team, their powers, and the villains featured in the movie.

Jammingers was created by Ivan Saffold, who is also known as Dekamexican. Saffold first made the Jammin Red suit for Power Morphicon 2018 as a way to stand out with something unique amongst all cosplayers at the convention.


As a result of the event, Saffold decided to create the rest of the team and produce the first pilot for the series, following the success as a content creator on Youtube.

A New Age Of Jammingers

The first pilot episode of Jammingers featured 2 years ago and showed an essence of what the series would be like during a full run. The first episode named ‘Track 1 – Bring the Noise’ soon followed as the official beginning of the series and featured the origins of the 5 Rangers, along with the debut of their mentor, Maestro. However, ‘Track 2 – Feeling the Rhythm’ didn’t come out until the following year and even required a cast member change.

The new movie also has only three original members compared to the pilot, which was due to scheduling and commitment conflictions that occurred. The movie is a much bigger concept to produce compared to episodes but will allow a greater amount of story to be told.

The Jamminger team is formed of five Rangers and the movie includes the following cast.

Jammin Red, Luis – Played by Ivan Saffold

Jammin Blue, Paul – Played by Arsenio Garcia

Jammin Green, Mariah – Played by Jazmine Leija

Jammin Pink, Ariana – Played by Eliana Santos Sundbeck

Jammin Yellow, Freddie – Played by Dexter Thomas Payne

Synestra – Played by Alle Mims

Symphona – Played by Emmy Kuperschmid

Jammin Silver, Tanner – Played by Zach Bravo

Jammin Gold, Rei – Played by Courtney Mentzel

Maestro – Played by Andy Lam

Here is the trailer of the Jamminger Movie that gives fans their first glimpse.

The first part of the trailer you notice is the perfect start to the music that sets the vibe. The Jamminger theme had previously been shared on social media, but the slow start with just the lyrics made the beginning of the trailer feed the anticipation and suspense.

Its also great how the villains have two forms, monster and civilian. Making them walk among the frightened crowd in their civilian form created such a great dynamic way to illustrate their character. The new cast for the villains, Synestra and Symphona, are going an exciting feature as they dominant their scenes with their visual-captivating attitude, so it’s going to be awesome to see how they portray the antagonists in the movie.

Seeing each piece of the trailer really causes a vibe of excitement as you saw the Rangers in action for their cinematic debut. Each Ranger was given a fair share of the spotlight as you see them use their transformation device, activate their power, and assemble as a team.

The only things that seem to be missing from the trailer are two specific debuts that have been stated on social media to appear. These are the individual weapons that belong to each Ranger and the two new Jamminger Rangers, Jammin Gold and Jammin Silver. This will be the first time that we see these two Rangers in action, so its odd that the trailer doesn’t highlight their appearance.

It will also be the first time the weapons have been seen together, as only Jammin Pink has had her weapon appear in an episode. It was also revealed on social media that the weapons can combine to form a cannon so hopefully the combination will debut in the movie too.

Its going to be exciting to see this movie as soon as it is released. There have been many fan films created within the Tokusatsu genre, but never has there been a completely new team like Jammingers, which much like Power Rangers or Sentai show. The anticipation is sure to continue as the release gets closer and more material is shared.

To see more from Jammingers and the Henshin Squad, use the following link. If you wish to see more of Jamminger on Instagram, use this Link.

What do you think of the Jamminger Movie? Did you enjoy the trailer showing the first glimpse? Which Ranger are you looking forward to feature in this production? Let us know on social media, or in the comment below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more.



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