HBO Max Releases the Riveting Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty teaser Showcasing the Lakers in the 1980s

HBO Max has released the official Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty teaser showcasing the series all-star cast
Winning Time: Rise of the Lakers

HBO Max has released the official Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty teaser showcasing the series all-star cast

Its showtime! The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most glamorous, iconic, and historic sports franchises in the whole world. When it was announced that a sports drama based on the Lakers, I was immediately curious and somewhat excited. We then found out that the series would focus on the rise of the Lakers Championship Dynasty of the 1980s. So for the very first time, HBO has released the first trailer of their new series based on the Los Angeles Lakers.

The series is called Winning Time: The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty and is being developed by Adam McKay, Jim Hecht and Max Borenstein. The show will focus on the early 80s Lakers Showtime Dynasty which featured Legendary Lakers Legends Earvin (Magic) Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Norm Nixon, Jamaal Wilkes, and Michael Cooper. The series will be shown through the perspectives of late Lakers legendary owner, Dr. Jerry Buss, and of course Magic Johnson. Winning Time is said to also focus on the great and loving relationship that Dr. Buss and Magic Johnson had while he was still playing with the Lakers.

Another aspect of the Lakers’ legacy the series would also focus on is the legendary rivalry between the Lakers and the Boston Celtics. Especially the early battles between Magic and his rival from the Celtics, Hall Of Fame Legend, Larry Bird. Plus, of course, how Magic’s and Jerry’s first year together with the Lakers ultimately won the 1980s NBA Championship and led what would become one of the greatest dynasties in sports. The series is also actually based on a book written by Jeff Pearlman called Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s.

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty Teaser Breakdown

Winning Time: Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

The trailer starts with Dr. Buss saying this iconic line, “There are two things in this world that make me believe in God: sex and basketball.” The trailer also shows fans the lavish and extravagant lifestyle that Dr. Buss had. Examples are scenes of him sleeping with other women, showing off his lavish vehicles, his multi-million mansion and, of course, buying the Los Angeles Lakers. We also see that Dr. Buss not only wants to buy the Lakers but win multiple Championships and create an NBA Dynasty.

We also get to see a glimpse of the Great Western Forum, where the Lakers used to play before moving to Staples Center (now currently renamed Crypto.Com Arena). We then see behind the scenes of the 1979 NBA Draft where Dr. Buss and the Lakers select Magic Johnson as their first pick. We then see scenes of Lakers Hall Of Fame Center Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, All-Star Guard Norm Nixon, Legendary Head Coach Pat Riley, Buss’s Wife Jessie and also including his daughter and current owner of the Lakers Jeanie Buss.

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The trailer then plays montages of Magic living the Los Angeles lifestyle with Jerry Buss, Kareem’s short career in Hollywood, and their battles with the Boston Celtics. Basically, this trailer shows off the iconic highlights and events that happened during the Showtime Lakers Team of the early 80s. But most importantly the trailer also gives fans their first look at the star-studded cast in this exciting upcoming sports drama.

Winning Time Quincy Isaiah Lakers Magic Johnson

The cast includes John C. Reiley as Dr. Jerry Buss, Quincy Isaiah as Magic Johnson, Jason Clarke as Jerry West, Solomon Hughes as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Gaby Hoffmann as Claire Rothman, Hadley Robinson as Jeanie Buss, DeVaughn Nixon as Norm Nixon, Molly Gordon as Linda Zafrani, Rob Morgan as Earvin Johnson Sr., Jason Segel as Paul Westhead, Michael Chiklis as Red Auerbach, Sally Field as Jessie Buss, Adrien Brody as Pat Riley. Viewers can expect to see many more talented cast members as the series starts and progresses. Overall the teaser was short, but it was able to put in key highlights of what fans can expect of the series.

The Lakers are highly considered the greatest NBA franchise of all time due to their rich history of all-stars, Hall of Famers, and of course their numerous Championships. They currently have 17 and are in fact tied with their arch-rivals the Boston Celtics. The Lakers originally came from Minneapolis and won Five Championships during their time there before moving to Los Angeles in the 1960s and becoming the iconic franchise we know today.

As we all know now Dr. Jerry Buss took a gamble in purchasing the Lakers in 1979 and he helped usher the team into becoming one of the greatest dynasties in sports history. As we can see in the upcoming sports drama, we will get to see how the foundation for that dynasty began with him and a little help from Magic. Hopefully, the series will honor and respect the greatness of the late great Dr. Jerry Buss.

Winning Time: Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty will feature an all-star cast including star John C. Reilly, Jason Clarke as Quincy Isaiah, Rob Morgan, Spencer Garrett, Adrien Brody, Sally Field, Michael Chiklis, Jason Segel, Gillian Jacobs and many others. The series will be developed by Adam McKay, Jim Hecht and Max Borenstein. McKay and Borenstein will also serve as the series producers. The series will consist of 10 episodes and will premiere exclusively on HBO Max in March of 2022.

Are you excited for Winning Time: Rise of the Lakers Dynasty? You even a fan of the Lakers? How dumb is the Arena name? Let us know what you think in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter.

Source: Variety

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