Villains of 46th Sentai, Donbrothers, Uncovered in Latest Rumors

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers rumors give fans first details regarding villains of the Sentai series.
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Avataro Sentai Donbrothers rumors give fans first details regarding villains of the Sentai series. The 46th Super Sentai team has had many leaks and rumors spread around online while fans are waiting for the first official images. The series is already known to be based on the folklore of Momotaro and, if the rumors are true, suggest that is also going to apply to the antagonists.

Donbrothers already appears to have so much planned for it. This sentai will have Zenkaizer and Juran return, will include a similar gimmick to the Zenkai Gears, will use CGI for characters and mecha battles, plus will feature representation of past sentai teams.

Much of the details regarding the Rangers, weapons and robo have already had a lot of information released for them. However, details of the villains had remained a complete mystery. That is, until ow, User Dukemon on RangerBoard has shared details about the upcoming villains.

Donbrothers Villain Rumors

Oni were the most likely basis for the villains for this series. This is due to the antagonists of Momotaro also being Oni, which the hero defeated in the story with his animal allies. It was a group of Oni that plundered the land and dwelled on a remote island called Onigashima (Demon Island).

Each of these villain generals have their own element, which may also suggest what kind of personalities each may have. The king is going to be an exciting debut as the leader is suggested to be sealed away or in a deep sleep, which means his threat level is likely to be devastating.

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Many fans might wonder why the Yellow Ranger is an Oni too. This may be due to OniSister being based on the Demon chief that was captured in the folklore story, whether the character will have a story related to this has yet to be revealed.

The biggest part of this rumored information is Gege making a return. Gege is bird-like general featured in Zenkaiger, who is treated like a beloved pet by the leader of the Tojitendo empire, King Bakkowaus.

Zenkaiger Villain, Gege, as seen in the action from an episode for the series

Seen as an intelligent, cunning foe, he has a passive role of an advisor in Zenkaiger. He hasn’t participated in any battle either but seems to have his own schemes, including once letting Kaito escape the Kikainoid world. It will be interesting to find out if this changes when the new Sentai begins.

It will be great to see how these villains will look and how the elements will affect their design in Donbrothers. It is still a mystery what kind of Oni the henchman and episodic monsters will be. However, there has been an image of a potential henchman appearance during filming, which was leaked online. Here is the image of the potential Oni henchman.

Potential Donbrothers‘ Henchman seen during filming.

Fans are also still curious to find out if Gege will still look the same or if he may have a different form, maybe be an Oni himself. All will surely be revealed soon when Avataro Sentai Donbrothers begins.

What do you think of Oni being the foes in Donbrothers? Are you looking forward to seeing their designs? Which part of the 46th Sentai are you excited most for? Let us know in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news.

Source: Dukemon on Rangerboard

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