What’s going on in Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 2? (Theory)

While we may not exactly know everything that's about to unfold in Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 2, we may have some ideas on where the show may go.
power rangers dino fury season 2

Season 2 of Power Rangers Dino Fury is right around the corner. While we may not exactly know everything that’s about to unfold in the sophomore season, we may have some ideas on possible directions this show may go, let’s discuss what adventures lie ahead for our colorful young heroes.

History is about to change for the Power Rangers. New seasons/series will be making their way to the driving streaming force that is Netflix beginning with Power Rangers Dino Fury season 2. Seeing how Power Rangers has cut ties with Nickelodeon, it’ll be interesting to see if there’ll be any notable differences in the quality of the show. More importantly, it’ll be interesting to know what directions the plot may travel. While we may not know exactly, I do have some theories, specifically for Amelia, The Green Morphin Master, Raftkon, and quite possibly, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa.


In some of these theories, I’m going to revisit elements from the first season. If you’re not caught up with season one I’d suggest that you stop reading, a spoiler alert is in effect at this point.

Amelia’s Lineage

Let’s begin with Amelia. For those of you who have been keeping up, it would be reasonable to assume that Void Knight and Santaura are her parents as all indications seem to suggest that. What we’re not certain about is whether they’re human or simply humanoid. Considering that Amelia’s Grandpa, “Paw Paw”, is human, I think Void Knight and Santaura are human as well, or at least one of them maybe. Coming to think of it, if Amelia had alien genes, it’ll most likely be Rafkonian. It would’ve been very hard for her to not notice antennae protruding out her forehead at some point in her life.

Who is The Green Morphin Master?

The Green Morphin Master seems to be the most active Morphin Master out of all of them in Dino Fury, according to showrunner, Simon Bennett we’ll find out why that is as she’ll have more prominence next season. I have no idea who she is, but I do feel like she may have some connection to Rita Repulsa, given Rita’s connection to the Green Power coin. The Green Morphin Master is an ageless cosmic being, Rita’s at least a few centuries old herself, they must have crossed paths at some time.

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There can’t be focus on the Green Morphin Master without focus on the Green Ranger, so where does Izzy fit into all this? I’m going to speculate and say that Izzy is the main reason why the Green Morphin Master has invested so much into the Dino Fury Rangers. It may be personal on some level. Perhaps she’s related to Izzy or she sees herself in Izzy. I do not know, your guess is good as mine, we’ll have to wait to see.

More of Rafkon

We know we’re going to learn more about Rafkon with Zayto and Aiyon, Bennett said so himself. Most likely there are other Rafkonians deep into the far ends of the universe. Some may be friends, some may be foes. I don’t expect to see Zayto have a friendly reunion with his kind. He’s the one who released the Sporix beasts, so I can imagine some tensions escalating pretty quickly.

Lord Zedd & Rita Might Return

Last season, we saw Lord Zedd return as vicious as he was in his prime. He may be gone for now but his can return can be expected, and his empress, Rita Repulsa shouldn’t be too far behind.

Zedd left to find his staff, he may not know where it is yet but we do, it’s at Grid Battleforce. Teuila Blakely is set to reprise her role as Commander Shaw in Dino Fury season 2, so if he shows up at Grid Battleforce to cause a scene I won’t be surprised at all. I’m not so sure about Rita however, she turned good and became the Mystic Mother, according to Power Rangers Mystic Force. How she’ll return, if she does, remains to be seen.

Official Synopsis

“The new season of Power Rangers Dino Fury will feature new characters, new weapons, new Zords (with unique Megazord combinations) and new vehicles including the Dino Fury Cycle and a T-rex-inspired motorcycle with blasters. Returning are the Dino Fury Power Rangers from Season 1: Zayto (Red Ranger), Ollie (Blue Ranger), Izzy (Green Ranger), Javi (Black Ranger), Amelia (Pink Ranger) and the newest recruit, Aiyon (Gold Ranger).

The series will pick up right where Season 1 left off, with the fate of Void Knight and Santaura revealed. Evil forces and influential villains will continue to disrupt the Dino Fury Rangers. Season 2 will also see Zayto and Aiyon discovering more about Rafkon, their home planet, the development of new and existing relationships, and the introduction of never-before-seen characters. Fans can also look forward to the reveals of new power-ups, including new Dino Boost Keys.”

There’s so much to look forward to, and so many questions left to be answered. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

Are you looking forward to seeing Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 2 on Netflix? What do you expect to see? Come, share your thoughts and theories with us in the comments below. If you like what you read, be sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook so you don’t miss more Power Rangers content like this in the future!


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