New Poké Ball Replicas Exclusively on Pokémon Center for Limited Time

Pokemon fans and collectors will have the chance in brand new Poke ball replicas based on the video games!
poke ball replicas

Pokemon fans and collectors will have the chance in brand new Poke ball replicas based on the video games!

Pokemon is one of pop culture’s most iconic franchises, becoming successful because of its popular video games, long-running anime series, movies, and merchandise. The games alone rank as the fourth best-selling video game franchise of all time. The inventory of the franchise is hugely popular among fans and general audiences. Its series mascot Pikachu has become a global icon and one of pop culture media’s most recognizable faces.


As a special surprise for fans and collectors, The Pokemon Company and The Wand Company announced new collector’s items. Fans in the United States and the United Kingdom will have the unique opportunity to collect or buy new premium replica Poke Balls. These new replicas are the Heal Ball, Friend Ball, Quick Ball, and Cherish Ball. Fans in the United States and the United Kingdom can order these replica Poke Balls at The Pokemon Center.

The Pokemon Center is the official premier online destination for official Pokemon merchandise. Customers in the United States and the United Kingdom will have the chance to pre-order these new Poke Ball replicas one month before other retailers. These participating retailers are in North America, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe would also have the chance to order these new replica Poke Balls.


poke ball premium dye

The Pokémon Company International and The Wand Company announced a new Die-Cast Poké Ball Replica Series launching throughout 2022, allowing Trainers to collect premium replicas of the Heal Ball, Friend Ball, Quick Ball and Cherish Ball.

Trainers in the US and UK can now preorder the first replica in the new series, the Heal Ball, at Pokémon Center, the premier online destination for official Pokémon merchandise, and participating retailers in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, later in the year, US and UK Trainers will be able to purchase the Friend Ball, Quick Ball and Cherish Ball exclusively at Pokémon Center one month before the replicas are available at other participating retailers.

“The incredible response to The Wand Company’s first series of stunning Poké Ball replicas inspired us to release another premium range, featuring iconic Poké Balls that have appeared throughout the Pokémon franchise,” said Cindy Ruppenthal, senior director of e-commerce at The Pokémon Company International. “As Trainers of all ages have a huge passion for collecting, we look forward to delivering new Poké Ball replicas as a one-month exclusive on Pokémon Center.”

“It’s a pleasure to continue our partnership with The Pokémon Company International in sharing more of these gorgeous Poké Ball replicas with fans,” said Chris Barnardo, CEO of The Wand Company. “Each replica is created with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship, and is sure to be a wonderful addition to any Pokémon collection.”

The latest lineup comes on the heels of hugely popular replicas launched previously, including the iconic Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Dusk Ball and Premier Ball. Trainers who haven’t collected these replicas yet will be able to do so when they become available again this year at Pokémon Center in the US and UK, as well as other participating retailers. Every Die-Cast Poké Ball Replica produced by The Wand Company comes with motion-sensing and multicolored lights, a uniquely numbered presentation case and a stainless steel ring to display the product.


The Pokemon franchise will always be adored by fans worldwide. The mere fact it’s considered the largest media franchise of all time is mind-blowing, though it’s not a surprise due to the millions of loyal fans the franchise has received throughout its history. The mainline games alone are beloved by fans in the gaming community. Pokemon merchandise is a hot and popular commodity among fans in pop culture, so it won’t be a surprise if those new Poke Ball replicas could be high in demand. Hopefully, fans and collectors worldwide get the opportunity to finally have these new Poke Ball replicas.

Will you be getting or ordering the new die-cast premium Poke Balls? What is your favorite Pokemon game? Do you collect Pokemon merchandise? Let us know what you think in the comments below or let us know on Twitter.



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