Shane “The Best In The World” McMahon Quietly Released By WWE

Shane McMahon was released from WWE in a very quiet fashion.
WWE Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon was released from WWE in a very quiet fashion.

McMahon made a surprise return to WWE this past Saturday during the Royal Rumble match.  Besides being entrant number 28 into the Rumble match he was also the lead producer and writer for the match.  According to Wrestling Inc. this conflict of interest led McMahon to get a lot of backstage heat from the locker room. 


He was said to take charge over the booking of the match and tried to make the match about him and his return.  He only eliminated Kevin Owens and was the 28th entrant eliminated and thrown out by Brock Lesnar, who went on to win the match. 

WWE Shane McMahon
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Tried To Commandeer The Match

According to Ringside News McMahon buried other producers like Jamie Noble and it led to McMahon being “quietly let go.”  The creative team was told in a “semi-quiet way” that there would no longer be any creative discussions for McMahon and to move on to other ideas.

This was a huge change in plans for WWE as McMahon was supposed to be involved in Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania.  The original plan was to start a feud between him and Seth Rollins and have them have a match at Elimination Chamber.  Those plans have obviously been canceled.  He was also supposed to be brought to RAW as a heel. It was also reported that the release came from Vince McMahon himself.  Vince was said to be forced to release Shane because of all the heat Shane had developed during Royal Rumble

“Vince had no choice. Shane created chaos, had everyone in an uproar, pissed off everyone in the Rumble, openly buried other producers, and was changing things that Vince wanted. Vince had no other choice but to send him home,” a WWE source said.

“He Doesn’t Even Go Here,” WWE Locker Room

However, that isn’t even the most surprising thing.  The most surprising thing was that we didn’t even know Shane worked for the company anymore as he had left to work on the XFL.  However, COVID hit and put a real damper on that plan.  XFL went into bankruptcy and apparently Shane was brought back and was going to have another run with the Rumble match being the start.


WWE Shane McMahon
Courtesy Of WWE

Shane’s Dad Had To Get Involved

Vince is said to be using the term “let go” as opposed to “blackballed” which is a big distinction.  The “let go” seems to be a way to remove Shane from the situation and let the heat die down and be brought back later.  Shane could now be missing Elimination Chamber, but still be a part of WrestleMania.  It could also mean that he will no longer be a producer or writer or at least not the lead.  He could just be a Superstar and not involved in any creative decisions.

From what I saw in the Royal Rumble match I don’t see how he made the match about himself.  He only eliminated one person and was only in the match for 5 minutes, 38 seconds.  Maybe all the drama was just backstage and didn’t end up in the match and Shane had planned on eliminating a ton of people or something.  

It isn’t like Shane hasn’t proven himself in the ring.  He has gone toe-to-toe with wrestlers like Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens and held his own.  Having him get destroyed by anyone but the top level people like Lesnar would have made less sense than doing well in the match.

What did you think about Shane’s return?  Do you think he booked himself too strong in the match?  Do you think it was a mistake releasing him?  Let us know if you would have liked to see a feud between Shane and Rollins.


Sources: Wrestling Inc., Ringside News


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