Power Rangers RPG: Proficiency Power Clarified As A Fan Demonstration

Power Rangers RPG: Proficiency Power has been clarified as a fan demonstration not connected to Renegade Games or Hasbro.
Power Rangers RPG

Power Rangers RPG: Proficiency Power is the latest fan-made Table-top RPG show released for fans to enjoy. Due to shows such as Power Rangers HyperForce and Day Of Destiny, many Power Rangers enthusiasts have been confused on whether the mini-series is canon to the official franchise. To clarify, here are all the details regarding the show being separate from Hasbro and what makes it unique.

Proficiency Power was created by Proficiency Bonus as a showcase of Renegade Game Studios latest Ranger-based Table-top system. The Power Rangers RPG is a game system that shares a resemblance to a DND-based experience. As an official release, it allows fans to create their own version of the Power Rangers Universe and tell a unique story that they create. This latest show demonstrates its full potential, but many have asked if the series is official in any way. Proficiency Power is a fan-made production and is not affiliated with either Hasbro or Renegade Games.

What is Power Rangers RPG: Proficiency Power for?

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Power Rangers RPG: Proficiency Power is Proficiency Bonus’ demonstration of the new TTRPG system. Using new characters and Rangers is a key part of the show and allows fans to see the limitless possibilities that can be granted when using the Essence20 system and all tools included in the rulebook.

Unlike Power Rangers: Day Of Destiny, the game doesn’t use pre-set Rangers but shows how other colors and choices can be implemented. The Colors, Weapons, characteristics, skills, and Zords were all selected by each Player for their Ranger. Even without being a part of Hasbro’s design, both the Game Master, Michael Keltz, and the team have worked together to make their Power Rangers experience one to remember.

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It will be so amazing to see if the show inspires others to create their own Power Rangers stories. Considering how many fans have created in-depth fan adaptations, the Table-top RPG is proof that the format is underestimated. Even after all the time past, Hyperforce is still a canon series that has left its mark. This demonstration is a brilliant example of how customization can be implemented in this Table-top RPG, including both alterations to the original Rangers or even using your own original team concept.

A video was also released by the Game master to clear any confusion regarding the RPG mini-series.

With the first Livestream of Proficiency Power already aired, hour-long episodes have begun releasing from the event, on Proficiency Bonus’ YouTube channel. This means there is another platform to enjoy the Mini-series outside of Twitch. The next episode is going to start gaining momentum as the Rangers look into three disappearances, which will likely lead to their first Monster battle debut in the show.

The 2nd Livestream installment of Proficiency Power is set to start on Saturday, 26th of February 2022, at 9 am ET via Proficiency Bonus Twitch Channel. With episode 1 already on YouTube and episode 2 to debut Sunday the 13th of February at 3 pm ET.

What do you think of Power Rangers RPG: Proficiency Power? Are you excited about the next live stream? Have you been watching the episode on YouTube? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers content.

*Bryn Darby, a member of The Illuminerdi is a cast member in this fan-made series.*

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