Swords of Legends Announces The Firestone Legacy Expansion With Dungeons 2.0 Trailer

The popular game, Swords of Legends Online is about to get even better with its first expansion: The Firestone Legacy.
swords of legends online legacy

The popular game, Swords of Legends Online is about to get even better with its first expansion.

The Firestone Legacy is filled with content that covers new classes, chapters, and never-before-seen lands.


Published by Gameforge and developed by Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon, Swords of Legends Online is an MMORPG that launched last year. Players explore an eon-long clash between the forces of light and darkness. Since the game was released, players have been able to unravel a “ saga as they explore the exquisite world of Shenzhou, find a home among the clouds, and embark on epic adventures, battling challenging foes and bringing peace to the land once more.”

Swords Of Legends Expands Its Rich Lore

swords of legends - dungeons 2.0

Now with the first expansion announced, The Firestone Legacy, players can dive even deeper into the story with chapters 11 and 12 being added. As well as two new classes. The versatile Fox Mage has a strong connection with nature and spirits, helping excel at healing and damage over time. While the Warriors, Crystal Warrior (Male) and Spirit Warriors (Females), take more of a tank and melee DPS roles.

But where The Firestone Legacy shines is the five new zones. In dungeons, players will be challenged with thrilling combat, intense trials, and uncover even more of the amazing lore that Swords of Legends Online offers. Each dungeon hosts five to ten players and features multiple difficulty levels. Here is the first sneak peak into a brief overview of the dungeon battles in the massive Update 2.0.

So far information regarding the dungeons has focused on three of the five, including The Firestone Grave of Dreams, Rotting Grotto, and Heavenly Gate Labyrinth. With each zone getting four bosses to create a thrilling experience.


Hidden deep within Changhe Mountain, you will find a labyrinthian structure full of traps in effort to keep the ancestors’ from being disturbed. Making your way through the tomb, you will find Xiefang Crypt at the deepest point. It is said the tomb holds the secrets to the Firestone clan’s powers but be careful, if it is disturbed, all inside will perish.

Here are the bosses that lurk inside:

Firestarter Grave Guardian — Once the most loyal guardians of the tomb, these beings were crafted from hard firestone. Their souls were warped in endless darkness after the traps of the tomb were triggered, making them even more dangerous.

 Stone-Faced Divine General — A stone colossus created by the ancestors of the Firestone clan. Thanks to the Soulforce present in the firestone, it hasn’t lost a bit of its strength even after a thousand years.

 Xiefang Colossus — Protective spirits made from the remains of hard firestones, the Xiefang Colossi are driven by one thing: protecting the tomb from outsiders at all costs.

 Jiang Kanhua — A Palace Master driven mad after being sealed away in the depths of the tomb. When Haocang and Zhong Wuchi forced him to reveal the secrets of the Firestone clan, he activated the Xiefang Crypt in an attempt to defeat them, but in vain.


Once a settlement of the jiachong, the Rotting Grotto is filled with huge amounts of negative qi. Due to Zhong Wuchi trying to stimulate the Dragonvein in the Changfu Garden, he accidently opened a rift connecting the forge and the grotto. The area has been plunged into chaos ever since.

These bosses are who awaits your arrival:

Gold-melting Spider Demon — Once a relatively weak member of the jiachong, he and his companion were mutated by the negative qi caused by the explosion. When the latter was killed by the other jiachong, he was driven into an uncontrollable rage, wildly attacking anyone and anything which came near.

 Obsidian Giant Mosquito — A former sword fighter of the jiachong who resembles a giant mosquito. The negative qi caused him to become very aggressive, and made his swordsmanship more powerful and unpredictable.

 Demonic Dung Beetle — A jiachong who lived under the earth for a long time and spurned all contact with the outside world. Although he loved good food and was very sociable, he was often misunderstood. The shock of the negative qi led him to come to the surface to see what had happened, and deal with those who would disturb his solitude.

 Yao’an — Originally a student of the Pavilion of the Broken Sword, he fled the school out of love for Li Xiaotang. He oversaw her warriors and took over control of the forge, up until the explosion. It is unknown how the negative qi has affected him.


In order to prevent others from invading, Xiongxin, master of Langquan created the Heavenly Gate Labyrinth. However, after Zhong Wuchi destoryed the formation with the Unnamed Sword, he reached the core which held the power of the five elements. Over time portals that conceal the path through the labyrinth have been damaged and must be repaired in order to escape.

But it isn’t just repairs that you must face, these bosses are also within the Labyrinth:

Elemental Guardian — These are the guards Xiongxin positioned here when setting up the formation. After a thousand years, only a few remain, dedicated to eliminating any invaders. They bear the power of the five elements, making them extremely dangerous.

Langren Hatemonger — One of Meijia’s finest warriors, he demanded a Demonsword of his own. Zhong Wuchi granted his wish and forged one for him. The sword can absorb the power of the five elements; and the longer he fights, the stronger the sword becomes.

Yin Xiangtian — Yin Xiangtian is a skilled Berserker who has grown exponentially stronger since his mutation. His jug is now filled with a poisonous wine imbued with dark qi.

Cloudweaving Spider Ghost — Once a normal spider in the Dreamworld, he has grown much more savage in order to be able to survive the ancient destruction and thousands of years of life. His spiderwebs are strong and insidious, and he can summon small spiders to help him conquer foes.

There is still more content to be seen when the Swords of Legends update 2.0, The Firestone Legacy, launches March 3. But it isn’t just the update that will change the game forever, because on the same day Swords of Legends Online will shift to Free-to-play.