Billie Piper Set To Return For 2 New Volumes of Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon

This week, it was announced that Billie Piper will be returning to reprise her role as Rose Tyler in two brand-new audio drama box sets later this year.
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Whovians are rejoicing as news breaks this week regarding the return of a beloved character. Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper, is one companion who didn’t just steal the hearts of the doctor but is a fan favorite.

This week, it was announced that she will be returning to reprise her role in two brand-new audio drama box sets later this year.


Created by Russell T. Davies, Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon was first released in 2019 as a Rose Tyler spin-off audio series. Big Finish has just confirmed that Billie Piper will be back for two more volumes. The second volume, titled Other Worlds will release in October 2022. While volume three, Trapped is scheduled to come out around September 2023. But you can pre-order them now as collector’s edition box sets and digital.

Welcoming Back Billie Piper

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The story arc takes place after Doomsday, following Rose as she desperately tries to reach the Doctor currently trapped in a parallel dimension. Joining Piper is Camille Coduri, who played Rose’s mum, Jackie Tyler. As well as Mark Benton, who played Clive Finch. Plus this is producer, Emily Cook’s first time writing one of the scripts for Big Finish.

Cook added, “Rose was my gateway into Doctor Who, my first companion, and I adored her. I still do. So safe to say it’s an absolute joy- both on a personal and professional level-to take on producing two more volumes of The Dimension Cannon. I’m such a fan of this series.”

But Cook wasn’t the only one to add her thoughts on the return of Rose Tyler. Piper spoke about her return, saying, “The Dimension Cannon is such a brilliant idea and gives Rose a lot more life beyond the Doctor” adding that she was “delighted for the fans to receive these new adventures.”

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Check out the amazing Volume One now and don’t forget to set those calendars for Billie Piper’s return. We aren’t sure what new challenges she will face, but we do know they are going to be epic and full of endless possibilities.


Source: Doctor Who TV