Fans Respond to Batman and Cyborg Being Cut from Peacemaker’s Justice League Cameo

Fans of DC’s wildly popular Peacemaker TV show got a pleasant surprise in the finale: a cameo from the DCEU Justice League. Or at least some of them. 
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Fans of DC’s wildly popular Peacemaker TV show got a pleasant surprise in the season 1 finale of the show: a cameo from the DCEU Justice League.  Or at least some of them. 

While Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Ezra Miller’s Flash reprised their roles from the ongoing films, Wonder Woman and Superman were portrayed by doubles. On the other hand, Batman and Cyborg were entirely absent despite them being two fan-favorite JL characters.  What’s worse, a double who worked on the Peacemaker show released an Instagram post showing himself wearing a costume very similar to that of Ben Affleck’s Batman and promotional images from the trailer suggested he would make a cameo appearance.


Fans understandably had a lot to say about that.

Peacemaker Audiences Divided

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Why Batman and Cyborg were excluded remains a mystery at this point. Peacemaker creator James Gunn stated earlier in the year that Warner Bros gave him full creative control over the project following the online success of his film The Suicide Squad wherein John Cena’s Peacemaker first appeared, so it’s anyone’s guess as to why these characters are absent. 

We know that Ben Affleck will appear as Batman one final time in Ezra Miller’s upcoming The Flash movie, Jason Momoa is working on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and Gal Gadot is attached to Patty Jenkins’ upcoming Wonder Woman 3, but the future for Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg remains unclear. Fisher has stated elsewhere that he won’t work with WB while the current management is still at the top and has found success on the television show Women of the Movement, while Cavill is busy on Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher

This isn’t even the first time Superman has had a stand-in represent him in a DCEU film.  Scheduling conflicts prevented Henry Cavil from making a cameo in 2019’s Shazam!, so the camera simply showed Superman walking up without revealing his head.  WB has slowly been moving away from the initially-established DCEU, with The Flash heavily rumored to be a soft reboot of sorts for the universe, though that won’t be confirmed until the film releases later this year. 

However, DCEU fans have always shown love and support for these new versions of the characters, and that love continued via a fan edit of the Peacemaker finale which put in all of the League members from ZSJL.  The edit has been met with much love by many a DCEU fan, many of whom hold these versions of the characters in the highest regard and some of whom are still actively campaigning for Zack Snyder’s initial DCEU plans to continue despite all evidence pointing to that never happening. 

That said, the largely positive reception to Peacemaker from both critics and audiences alike has surely caught WB’s attention after the initial films pre-Wonder Woman were received with mixed-negative reviews from many in the general public.  DC’s cinematic universe as a whole has been a rocky road from day 1, but recent successes like Peacemaker, Aquaman, Shazam!, and Birds of Prey signal that the DCEU has found its groove in more outlandish and sometimes violent fare than you’d find in, say, an MCU movie, which are generally more family-oriented than DC’s output as of late.  Wherever the DCEU goes from here, I’m sure it will be wild, crazy, and full of unexpected surprises, and I’m totally up for that.

What did you think of the Peacemaker finale?  Did you miss seeing Batman and Cyborg in the Justice League line-up?  Did you enjoy the fan edit?  What’s your favorite DCEU film?  Did you enjoy the first season of Peacemaker and/or The Suicide Squad?  Let  us know in the comments below and on our Twitter.


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