Australian Survivor Blood V Water Episodes 10-12 Review: The Merge Is Near

This merge is upon us in this week's episodes of Australian Survivor!

The merge is upon us in Australian Survivor! Warning, this article will contain spoilers for Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Episodes 10-12, so if you have not yet seen these episodes, you have been warned.

Episode 10 starts with the red tribe reflecting on the Amy blindside. Nina says that she believes she made the right choice and it will help her move further in the game. At the reward challenge, the two tribes are split into four different teams for some reason. The red tribe is split into red and pink while the blue tribe is split into blue and light blue. Red and pink win reward effectively meaning the red tribe just wins rewards.

However, during the challenge, Nina severely hurt her ankle while attempting to slide down a massive water slide. She is checked at the challenge and is initially told to wait a few hours and see how it goes. At the reward, the medics take her out again to further check on her ankle. She returns in a van at the immunity challenge where it is revealed that she will be pulled from the game so she can fully heal her ankle. This was met with an emotional response from herself and her fellow castmates. Jonathan then tells Nina that this will surely not be the last time she plays Australian Survivor as she leaves the game.

It was incredibly sad to see Nina go. I truly believe that she was in a really good position in the game at this point and was a strong contender to win it all. Hopefully, we do get to see Nina play again in another All-Star season of Australian Survivor or in the US version of Survivor.

At the immunity challenge, the red tribe avenges the loss of Nina sending the blue tribe to Tribal Council. There is a twist, however, in addition to their immunity win the red tribe wins some sort of reward that is to be revealed later on. To me, it was pretty clear that the red tribe was going to be able to kidnap someone from blue similar to what happened to Sophie earlier on in the season.


At blue’s camp, Jesse wants to target Ben as he will be a huge physical threat come the merge and his partner, Shay is still in the game. Croc doesn’t like the plan as he and Brad are fairly close. At no point does the blue tribe put the red tribe’s reward into consideration during their discussions for the vote (at least in the show).

Sure enough, the red tribe shows up to Tribal Council and Jonathan sends the blue tribe to vote immediately. Ben gets five votes while Khahn receives two and KJ revives one. It is then revealed that the red tribe will vote from the three contestants that received votes to join their tribe. The red tribe chooses KJ in a 6-1 vote making KJ the newest member of the red tribe.

In Episode 11, the blue tribe is upset that their blindside on Ben didn’t work, even though it was incredibly obvious that something like this was going to happen after Nina’s medical evacuation. Jesse proposes that they throw the immunity challenge the finish the job.

At the immunity challenge, Ben claims that he holds no grudges for his tribe attempting to vote him out the night before. The blue tribe is successfully able to throw the challenge sending themselves to Tribal Council in hopes that they can vote out Ben again.

Croc doesn’t like the plan to vote out Ben and proposes that the blue tribe votes for Jesse as his loved one is still in the game as well. In a last-ditch effort to save himself, Ben tells Jesse and Sam about Croc’s plan, betraying the one person who was trying to save him. At Tribal Council, Croc is voted out making him the 10th person eliminated, also sending him home with his idol.

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Bryce West

Bryce West

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