Gokaiger Gokai Cellular Memorial Edition Announced

Toei has announced the Gokaiger Gokai Cellular Memorial Edition for collectors.

Gokaiger fans have been blessed with Gokai Silver’s changer as part of the memorial line from Premium Bandai. The Gokai Cellular is the personal changer of the 6th Ranger of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, which the Ranger uses to transform when used with his Ranger key. The Memorial Edition of the Morpher also comes with improved features and even six Ranger keys as part of the set.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is the 35th Super Sentai series that has become known worldwide for its incredible use of representation of past Sentai teams. This included the ability to become other Rangers using their respective key, along with having Sentai-inspired Zords. The Pirate-themed Rangers also had their own weapons and aesthetics that set them apart despite using the powers of others.

Gokai Silver is the 6th Ranger of the series and is a significant addition to the team. His personal changer and Ranger key are now getting a release that follows the release of the Gokaiger Mobirate Memorial edition. This is an extremely desired release ever since the announcement of the main team’s show-accurate Changer, along with the Gokaiger 10 Year Movie and the special Gokai Gallon Key that comes with the special Blu-ray release.


The Gokai Cellular Memorial Edition features a complete upgrade on the design of the changer, making it a show-accurate collectible that any Gokaiger fan will want to obtain. These upgrades will include new sounds and phrases that feature in the show, including recorded lines from actor Junya Ikeda, who plays Gai Ikari, Gokai Silver. Here are images of the Changer with his Gokai Silver key, with a pedestal also included, that also came with the Gokaiger Mobirates Memorial edition.

Show-accurate Features of the Gokaiger Gokai Cellular

In addition, the Memorial edition will also feature a LED light with a better illumination range, show accurate sound effects, and the scanning key mechanism improvement that makes the Changer a greater match to the TV series. The Gokai Silver key is also accompanied by four other Ranger keys that have been featured in the set, which have all been seen in the show. A special Ranger key has also been teased in this release that hasn’t been seen before.

The BGM feature also includes the various music that is linked to the 6th Ranger, which includes Hagane No Kokoro Gokai Silver (Steel Heart Gokai Silver), Gingin ni Iku ze! (I’m Going To Shine!), Kansei! GouJyuJin (Complete! GouJyuJin), and Kaizoku no Hokori o Kakete (The Pride of the Pirates). Here are the images highlighting these additions for this collectible.

The Ranger keys included in the set include the following, which are each commonly used by the Ranger for his Powers, Zord, and Power-up Mode. This excludes the additional key that has yet to be revealed.

  • Gokai Silver Ranger Key
  • Dragon Ranger Key
  • Abare Killer Ranger Key
  • Time Fire Ranger Key
  • Special Ranger Key
  • Gold Anchor Key

It’s already clear to fans that the mysterious Special key is likely to be a Twokaizer Ranger Key. The silhouette of the key is enough evidence as fans already can tell based on the details of the design since they match the Ranger. It’s a much-needed addition to the collection since only Zenkaizer has had a key released for Zenkaiger representation, and Twokaizer himself is based on the GokaiOh, the main Robo of Gokaiger, to represent the 35th Sentai in the 45th team of Rangers.

It was a popular fan request that Gokai Silver also got the Memorial edition following the Gokaiger 10 Year Movie. Considering the popularity of the main team Changer, it’s no surprise that Premium Bandai would make sure that this unique 6th Ranger doesn’t get left out. The flip-mechanic on the keys is certainly an important feature but it’s great that all features of the Gokai Cellular have been improved. Many fans will certainly put the pedestal to good use as this collectible will be an ultimate treasure for any Gokaiger fan.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Gokai Cellular – Memorial Edition – will be released this September 2022. However, pre-orders have already begun for this excellent high-quality Morpher. Check your favorite Tokusatsu store for your chance to obtain this treasure.

What do you think of the Memorial Edition of the Gokai Cellular? Do you have the Mobirates too from the same line? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news and updates in the future!



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