Donbrothers: Awesome Merchandise Released For Devoted Sentai Fans


Latest Donbrothers items include a Premium Bandai Ninjark Sword released as a toy, the Noto warriors released as figures, along with a new Minipla and exclusive Alter set. The outfit for the 6th Ranger, Jiro, has also been unveiled as a premium product for cosplayers. The Sword belonging to evil Ranger, Don Murasame, will also […]

Zenkaiger StaCeaser’s Awesome Morpher released as Memorial Edition

Zenkaiger Memorial Edition

Premium Bandai has surprised fans with a new Zenkaiger Memorial Edition release for StaCeaser’s Geartozinger. The purple Ranger of the 45th Sentai is known as the Dark Ranger of the series, which originally started as an evil Ranger aligned with the Kikaitopia Dynasty, Tojitendo. Stacey who transformed into the Ranger, used a Morpher that was created by Mechanic Office, Ijirude, which is a Gege variant of the main Changer of the Kikai Sentai team. Not long after the Zenkaiger Geartlinger Memorial release, this Morpher will now be released as part of the line. Read all about it here.