Donbrothers Latest Zords, 6th Ranger Rumors, and 2nd Wave Toy Listing

A slew of new Donbrothers details have been unveiled!
Donbrothers Red

Donbrothers has revealed various Zords, new additions, and facts about the Oni villains of the show. This also includes information about the 2nd wave of toys released for the 46th Sentai series, which adds new Rangers, new weapons, and even Alter forms for the Rangers and other Sentai-themed Zords. New rumors have also been released on social media regarding the new additions that have yet to have their debut.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers is the 46th Sentai series that fans know follows the events of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. This direct sequel features the return of Kaito as Zenkaizer Black, the use of next-generation Sentai gears, characters based on the story of Momotaro, and even past Sentai Representation. Whereas Zenkaiger featured Megazord-based Rangers from Gorenger to Gokaiger, the new Sentai series will have Zord-based Alters representing recent Sentai shows after the 35th Sentai.

With so much Donbrothers content revealed online, it is difficult to summarise all the new information that has appeared online and on social media. To highlight the best of the releases, here are the headliners relating to Donbrothers regarding both the show and the toys.

Donbrothers 3rd Alter, Zyuohger Alter

Following Don Momotaro and ToQger Alters, the Zyuohger Alter was previously listed but images of the Zord had yet to debut online. With the Donbrothers Change Hero line advertisement, the first look at the new Alter was revealed and it wasn’t long until fans were able to see how this Sentai Zord was representing the Ranger team.  Here are the images for Change Hero Zyuohger Alter featured in Donbrothers.


The red, blue, and yellow cubes are reminiscent of the ZyuOh cubes that form the main Robo of the team. Even though only the Eagle Zord has a head, the lion and shark are printed on the other two Zords as well. Even though there are only three colors, the combined unfolded cube has all Ranger motifs on the faces of the cube, which were previously seen on the ZyuOh Rangers chests. The following motifs seen on each cube are the following when unwrapped.

  • Red: Eagle & Gorilla
  • Blue: Shark & Tiger
  • Yellow: Lion & Elephant

The Zyuohger Alter is surprisingly simple but works to captivate the cube animal theme of the series. Whereas Gaoranger is used to include lion Zords, it’s great that this animal Sentai is using an Eagle instead. This Don Momotaro Alter ToQger form clearly gives him the ability to fly but it’s great that the new Alter also represents the other Rangers without the need for all colors. It will be interesting to see if the Alter form of KijiRanger will also allow flight for the main Robo or if the Zyuohger Alter might still be needed to allow this ability in other formations.

Minipla Line Reveals Lupinranger Alter and Patranger Alter

Thanks to the latest images of the Minipla Line, fans now get a preview of the duo release Sentai team’s Alters. These are said to be the only Alters to be exclusive to the Miniplay Line and may not be part of the Change Heroes releases.

Lupinranger VS Patranger was a one-of-a-kind series that featured two opposing Ranger teams with a Phantom Thief and Police theme, respectively. Although they both share a show, they are distinctive Ranger teams that are treated as separate Sentai teams, which deserve their own representation. Here are the Minipla images of both Alters and how they combine with Don Momotaro Alter.

The Alters used for representing the Sentai teams is the Zords for each of the Red Rangers in the series, LupinRanger VS Patoranger. The Lupin Alter also appears to combine the Red Dial Fighter with the Blade Dial Fighter as it has the appearance of the Red Ranger’s Zord but acts like the auxiliary Zord featured in the show. The sword and shield mode that they form is a perfect reflection on the essence of the teams, even though the Patoranger Alter doesn’t seem to physically change.

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