The Exorcism Of God Exclusive Interview: Will Beinbrink Talks Father Peter’s Secret Past & The Next Chapter 

The Exorcism Of God is a new horror movie directed by Alejandro Hidalgo, starring Will Beinbrink and Joseph Marcell. 

The Exorcism Of God is a new horror movie directed by Alejandro Hidalgo, starring Will Beinbrink and Joseph Marcell. 

In an exclusive interview with The Illuminerdi, Will Beinbrink, who stars as Father Peter Williams, shed some light on Peter’s offscreen backstory. 


The Exorcism Of God

The backstory I made is that Father Michael took me under his wing and became a mentor figure for me. So Father Peter has become immersed in the Catholic Church and sees the benefit and the value of what it does for the world. He wants to go help people that are in more challenging situations than just the United States. So he visits Mexico and falls in love with the people. He decides to take up residence at an orphanage in this small town called Nombre De Dios. He makes it his mission to help this town and to help the children in particular to have better lives… 

…The church took me in as a child, I was an orphan, him and I had a strong connection, and [Father Michael Lewis] became a father figure for me. So that was a backstory that I helped create that helped make me more connected to him, and to the orphanage that I was currently running in Nombre De Dios.  

-Will Beinbrink

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Will’s backstory for Father Peter Williams is something that he came up with to help flesh out the character, to immerse himself further into this intense role. The question of “canon” is something that’s explored a lot in more popular fandoms like Marvel, DC and Star Wars. Those universes often have set rules about what is and is not considered to be an “official” part of the story. A small indie horror project like The Exorcism Of God, however, lacks that mega-franchise structure, history and size, making things less clear. 


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Should Will Beinbrink’s backstory about Father Peter being an orphan who was mentored by Joseph Marcell’s character, Father Michel Lewis, be considered canon, though it wasn’t created by the writing team nor is it seen on screen? I would argue that yes, it should be considered canon, as it adds to the story and deepens the dynamic of the leads, and nothing contradicts it in the film. The only stipulation I would add is that a sequel, should one happen, would not be tied to this backstory. My point is that this plot point could be easily and painlessly retconned through flashbacks in a theoretical Exorcism Of God II. 

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Speaking of the sequel, we at The Illuminerdi are yearning for more possession-centric insanity from this universe, and we’re not alone. Check out what Will Beinbrink had to say about the next chapter for The Exorcism Of God. 


Absolutely. I won’t say why I would be interested [in returning for a sequel]. But yes. What I love about this movie is that it was already set up for another chapter, and the way it ends is in such a strong way that you want to see the sequel. It doesn’t feel cheap, it doesn’t feel cheesy, it feels like it’s needed to tell this story and I love that. I’m pumped, and so many people are asking for the sequel in Latin America…It feels nice. It’s already in the works. -Will Beinbrink

To hear that this story was always designed with the next chapter in mind is music to our ears. While the ending is phenomenal and shocking in its own right, it also sets the stage for an even crazier sequel. It would be a shame not to see that potential realized, but it sounds like things may already be in motion.

 If you’ve already seen The Exorcism Of God, which is available on digital now tell your friends! And if you haven’t seen the film, but enjoy horror and thoughtful, fresh filmmaking, check out the film as soon as you get the chance.

What did you think of The Exorcism Of God? Do you want a sequel? Are exorcisms real? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our social media!

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