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Power Rangers has been introducing us to many memorable seasons in the long-running franchise for generations. Many of us who grew up watching the teenagers with attitude who just so happen to wear colorful spandex considered the Saban era to be the best, although the Disney era managed to give the Saban era a run for its money. The Disney era of Power Rangers came at a time pre-MCU. Disney was in dire need of a young male audience to expand its demographic, and Power Rangers was the answer to their problem. Disney bought Power Rangers in 2001 but didn’t make their mark on it until 2003, thus beginning the Disney era (Ninja Storm-RPM).

It was an awesome time to be a Power Rangers fan at the dawn of the Disney era. Power Rangers became cooler with better acting, plots, special effects, and a breath of self-awareness along with more well-rounded comedic elements. We revisited the original Saban era last time, now we’re back to discuss the best seasons from the Disney era while we await news regarding EOne’s upcoming Entwhistle era on Netflix.

7) Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Let’s start from the bottom. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive should’ve been a great season. The premise involved relic-hunting escapades akin to National Treasure and Indiana Jones. The season follows billionaire Andrew Hartford recruiting a team of four extraordinary young people with unique talents and his ambitious son, Mac who joins the team much to his chagrin. The Rangers embark on a quest to find the stones of the Corona Aurora before it falls into the clutches of evil forces.

There was a serialized format, each episode ended with a cliffhanger building a lot of mystery and international intrigue. You’d think that this season would be great, upon watching it you may likely realize that you were wrong like a capital ‘O’. That joke didn’t make any sense and neither did this season.


The season fails to live up to the plot’s potential horribly. There were so many plotholes, abysmal character development, an uncharismatic cast, and comedic relief that was so dull it makes a dated sitcom such as My Mother The Car hilarious by comparison. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive is so boring and ridiculous, not even the two-part Once a Ranger episode could’ve saved it.

6) Power Rangers Mystic Force

Of course, Disney would get their hands on a Power Rangers season all about sword and sorcery. Power Rangers Mystic Force is about five teens from Briarwood who went into the woods only to end up in Narnia. Okay, that didn’t happen, but they did end up in a magical realm. The five teens become the Mystic Rangers, sorcerers destined to save the world from the forces of darkness.

Power Rangers Mystic Force had many good things going for them. The suits were amazing, especially with the capes, special effects were excellent, there was a talented cast who knew how to act, and the plot was captivating enough. The main problem with Mystic Force was its over-reliance on the Red Ranger, Nick who wasn’t that much of a likable character.

The other rangers were more interesting by leaps and bounds yet they weren’t given enough time to shine because the writers insisted on using the Red Mystic as the typical “chosen one” trope. Power Rangers is all about the team, while the Red Ranger is commonly the leader, there’s no ranger who’s more important than the other. Neglecting a team in favor of one ranger should be a crime as far as I’m concerned.

5) Power Rangers SPD

Let’s fast forward to the year 2025 to meet the B-Squad SPD Rangers, officers tasked with defending Nu-Tech City from the likes of Emperor Grumm and other intergalactic criminals in the absence of the A-Squad Rangers. Power Rangers SPD is one of the most unique seasons to date. There was a giant talking alien dog who served as the SPD commander/Shadow Ranger, don’t ask me how he fit his head into the helmet, I myself do not know.

The cast was relatable and lovable, villains had a balanced metaphorical cocktail of humor and horror the series leaned into a comic book format. There were also elements of betrayal and corruption, letting people know that villains aren’t always monsters, they could be people we trust and that’s an unfortunate reality we face today.


As enjoyable as SPD can be, it’s very far from perfect. This season has plotholes and continuity errors far too critical to be ignored. If it weren’t for those details SPD would’ve made it into the top three on this list.

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