KARATE KID: Aramis Knight May Be The Mysterious Villain In The New Reboot

Aramis Knight just might be the face of the new Karate Kid's nemesis!
Into The Badlands proves why Aramis Knight could be a Karate Kid villain

Aramis Knight has recently been cast in the upcoming Karate Kid movie. We don’t know who he’s playing but if my suspicions are correct, he will strike first, strike hard, and show no mercy.

Per Karate Kid tradition, the young protagonist must face off against a fierce opponent who is obsessed with winning at all costs and letting everyone know “who’s the boss”. We know that Ben Wang is the new Karate Kid, but there’s been no word on who his nemesis is.

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Aramis Knight and Wyatt Olef joined the cast in undisclosed roles, most likely one of them will go to toe to toe with Wang’s Karate Kid. If I were a betting man I would say it’s Knight without a shadow of a doubt.

Oleff is a great actor with a prolific body of work at a young age, and even some experience in Martial Arts, however, he does not seem to have an intimidating presence. Knight on the other hand is equally formidable in acting and Martial Arts, plus he looks like someone no high school kid wants to mess with.

New Cobra Kai Kid?

Cobra Kai Season 6

Following the news of Aramis Knight’s casting, He took to Instagram, subtly hinting at his character’s menacing nature in the caption.

“Fear Does Not Exist In This Dojo, Does It?” If you have seen the original Karate Kid franchise and Cobra Kai you would know that the latter’s senseis are notoriously infamous for asking their students that question in addition to “Death Does Not Exist In This Dojo, Does It?”, and “Pain Does Not Exist In This Dojo, Does It?”.

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Knight could have said, “Wax On, Wax Off” and not a soul would think much of it, but he didn’t. He asked the chilling question for a reason. That does not necessarily mean his character is a Cobra Kai student, however, it could very well mean that he is a practitioner hailing from a Dojo sharing the snake’s principles.

Back In The Badlands

Aramis Knight, Badlands, Karate Kid

Aramus Knight’s mysterious involvement makes it hard to picture anyone but him as the Karate Kid’s foe. He has been training in Wushu for years under the tutelage of Daniel Wu, his co-star from Into The Badlands.

Into The Badlands was an awesome display of Knight’s fighting prowess, especially in the final two seasons. By the time the third season premiered, he was already a beast, without going into spoilers for those of you who have not seen the series, his portrayal combined with his proficiency in Martial Arts demonstrates his ability to portray The Karate Kid’s rival effortlessly.

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Knight later appeared in Ms. Marvel for a few episodes as the vigilante known as Red Dagger, boasting his fighting prowess once again. Do not think that all this focus on Martial Arts has made forgotten about his acting ability. He’s an excellent actor beyond The Badlands, with performances in projects such as Runt, Centurion XII, and Ender’s Game among others to prove that.

About Karate Kid

Karate Kid logo

Release date: December 13, 2024
Directed by: Jonathan Entwistle
Written by: Rob Lieber
Cast: Ben Wang, Sadie Stanley, Ralph Macchio, Jackie Chan, Ming-Na Wen, Joshua Jackson, Aramis Knight, Wyatt Olef
Produced by: James Lassiter, Karen Rosenfelt
Distributed by: Sony Pictures

Synopsis: TBA

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