Australian Survivor Blood V Water Episodes 19-20 Review: Worst Case Scenario

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It’s the worst-case scenario for some contestants in this week’s episodes of Australian Survivor! Warning, this article will contain spoilers for Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Episodes 19-20, so if you have not yet seen these episodes, you have been warned.

The episode starts with the contestants reacting to Shay, Jordie, and KJ returning from purgatory. The majority alliance hopes to pick them all off once again. However, Jordie is still looking for any cracks that he can find in the alliance.

At the reward challenge, it is the Survivor Auction. In this, the castaways have $500 to bid on anything they see. They cannot share money or rewards. The rewards can be food items or even advantages in the game. The majority alliance attempts to conspire against the minority alliance to make sure they don’t get an advantage. This is unsuccessful, however, as KJ finds a note under a teapot she bought. Shay also gets a letter from home, however, she chooses to let the others get their letters. In Josh’s letter, he learns that he is going to be a father.

KJ’s note is a clue to an advantage that is hidden near the well. The advantage allows KJ to send three people back to camp at Tribal Council. Jordie also continues to sway people to their side.

At the immunity challenge, the contestants must retrieve bags of puzzle pieces to solve an incredibly difficult stacking puzzle. Most of the cast struggles, however, Josh is able to come out on top, making himself immune at the next Tribal Council.

Back at camp, KJ chooses not to tell anyone about her advantage until Tribal. Mark and Sam decide to leave both idols at camp just in case one of them gets voted off. If one does get voted off then the other will still come back to camp with both idols.


At Tribal Council things seem bad for the minority alliance until KJ plays her advantage and sends Mark, Chrissy, and Josh back to camp. Mark pretends to pass Sam the idol to trick the others. With the remaining contestants, Jordie points out to David that he is at the bottom of the majority and will be picked off as soon as they get the chance. Sam openly says that she plans to play the idol that she does not have. Ultimately, David decided to join the minority in taking out Jordan in a 4-2 vote, making him the fifth member of the jury.

To start episode 2, the voting castaways return from Tribal Council as Mark, Josh, and Chrissy learn of Jordan’s elimination. Josh is incredibly furious with David and the minority alliance for taking out his cousin. He continues to plot revenge against them with the former majority alliance. Josh wants to target KJ, however, Mark and Sam don’t feel that is best for them.

At the immunity challenge, the contestants must throw a ball up a ramp and quickly proceed to grab dominos. Their dominos must all fall in a long line and reach a bucket at the end of the track. Mark is able to secure himself immunity meaning he will once again have three idols in his possession.

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