Swords of Legends Online Launches Great New Raid

One of the great things about Swords of Legends Online is that there is always new content to keep players entertained, including a new raid.
swords of legends online - raid

One of the great things about Swords of Legends Online is that there is always new content to keep players entertained.

Announced last week Gameforge revealed a brand new 10 to 20 player raid. The Langquan Bridge raid is already available. Get ready to face fierce foes as the gates raise leaving only the best of the best to cross the threshold.


If you haven’t already played Swords of Legends Online, we highly recommend downloading it and doing so now, especially if you are fond of action packed MMORPGs. This game is ranked among the top games, and the best part is that it’s free!

Why We Love Swords Of Legends Online

swords of legends online legacy

Swords of Legends Online is a beautiful fantasy world with a unique and detailed storyline based on Chinese mythology. Players will explore an eon-long clash between the forces of light and darkness. Recently they expanded the game with their first update, The Firestone Legacy, which added a variety of new elements. You can find out more about the update, here.

This new raid focuses on the bridge that connects the Heavenly Gate Labyrinth to Langquan. It is said that the long history of war between demons and immortals has led to it being broken and rebuilt numerous times. As well as those with ill intent continue in their attempts to cross the bridge into the immortal realm. But recently it was captured by Haocang and Zhong Wuchi. It appears they have positioned their demon army to block the Qin League, while they attempt to break through the walls into Langquan.

Only the ones brave enough to cross the bridge are being called forth to try The Langquan Bridge raid. Check out the trailer below for Swords of Legends‘ newest raid and see if you have what it takes.

Meet the Bosses

The Blightbeast

Once the raid begins, players will have to face off with four bosses: Paiyun Guardian, Blackstone Destroyer, Blightbeast, and Haocang. The first boss is Paiyun Guardian, a mysterious stone spirit golem bound at the bridge as a frontline protector. This formidable force against intruders has one mission, to protect and preserve Langquan Bridge at all costs.

Next you will face the Blackstone Destroyer. Created by Master Meijia after she discovered the texts describing forbidden “bone-melding techniques”. Using this knowledge to experiment on her own troops, she combined a bear demon with the spirit of the Blackstone to create the ultimate warrior. This boss’s strength is enhanced to unfathomable levels and should not be underestimated.

Blocking the main road hoping to buy time for the invasion of Langquan is the Blightbeast. Summoned by Meijia, this powerful beast refuses to let anyone pass, but you must find a way if you plan to be successful.

And lastly players will come face to face with Haocang. Once a Mohist who defected from the Valley of a Hundred Grasses, he has now joined Zhong Wuchi in his efforts to break the wall leading into the Langquan realm. Be careful though, the last people to face against him, the Qin League, were captured and experimented on.

Victory awaits those who can make it through all four bosses, but no matter the outcome one thing is for sure. Players will have a lot of fun with the new Langquan Bridge raid.

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Let us know in the comments if you are courageous enough to try it and what was your favorite part.