Attack On Titan Exclusive Interview: Bryce Papenbrook Shares His Journey And The Physical Demand of Voicing Eren Yaeger

Attack On Titan Voice Actor Bryce Papenbrook shares thoughts about his journey voicing Eren Yaeger.

Attack On Titan Voice Actor Bryce Papenbrook shares thoughts about his journey voicing Eren Yaeger.

Attack on Titan’s Eren Yaeger has become a divisive character among the anime community. His controversial goal of achieving peace through global genocide has left numerous fans debating if he is a villain or a misunderstood character. However, this was not the case initially, as Eren started as a heroic protagonist in the show’s first three seasons.

But as the series progressed, he experienced numerous traumas that led him into becoming the primary antagonist in the final seasons (Part 1, Part 2, and the upcoming Part 3) of Attack On Titan. Eren is a fascinating character because he is complex, and his complexity shows throughout the series.


At the start of Attack On Titan, Eren was a young individual who dreamed of exploring the world outside the walls of his kingdom, especially seeing the ocean. However, Eren becomes rageful and vengeful after witnessing his mother devoured by a Titan. Additionally, Eren also watches in horror as Titans overrun his whole town. This traumatic experience causes Eren to join the military and become a Survey Corps member.

His initial goal in joining the Survey Corps was to avenge his mother and town by eliminating all Titans. However, as the series progresses, Eren soon learns the harsh reality of betrayal, political corruption, upsetting revelations, and prejudice. Experiencing more of these traumas results in Eren losing his faith in humanity, thus causing his dark and controversial descent.

attack on titan eren interview

Veteran voice actor Bryce Papenbrook voices the English Dub of Eren Yeager. We had the opportunity to talk with Bryce Papenbrook at Wondercon 2022. We asked Bryce about his journey in voicing Eren for the last nine years. Bryce then explained the audition process for Attack On Titan. He also revealed his love for the series before his audition in the series.

But what shocked us the most was when he explained the physical demand he endured while voicing Eren. Bryce then explained a touching story from his recent trip overseas that reminded him of the significance of Attack On Titan worldwide.

Bryce Papenbrook Explains The Journey In Becoming Eren Yaeger in Attack On Titan And The Physical Demand He Endured

The Illuminerdi: You voiced this character for almost ten years now. Can you tell us about this amazing journey you experience voicing Eren?

Bryce Papenbrook: Yeah, it’s been absolutely incredible and life-changing. When I received the audition for Attack On Titan it was actually my first audition for Funimation. I am born and raised in Los Angeles. Yeah! L.A. Native one of the unicorns that’s actually from here. Funimation is based in Dallas, Texas, so I had never worked for them before, and I was a fan of the show. I was talking to another actor his name is Patrick Seitz (Voice of Keith in Attack On Titan), just about how much I love the show and how cool it was.

He got the audition for Attack On Titan and asked Mike (Mike McFarland: the voice of Jean Kirstein and ADR Director on Attack On Titan) if I could read for him. Mike’s like “yeah sure”, so I went out and brought soundproofing for my studio at home. It’s because I didn’t want my neighbors to call the cops on me. I really think they still heard me through that audition, through all of that soundproofing.

When I got the call that I was cast as Eren, I just tried to play it cool. Mike called and was like “hey Bryce I heard you audition, I love what we heard, and we’d like to see you’re interested in playing Eren in Attack On Titan”.

I’m like “oh hey Mike yeah thank you so much i’d love to do that, I can’t wait to work with you”. He’s like (Mike) “all right me too bye”, and then I was just like (In energetic Eren Yaeger voice) “Yes oh my God!!!”. Like I fanboyed out I couldn’t believe it. So it was just amazing from the start. I got to fly to Texas, record in the studio with Mike at Funimation. I just put in my heart into the show put everything into it. I’ve done really crazy physical things.

Like Season 1, Eren bites his hand, and I bit my hand hard and I left bruises. Season 2 Eren’s just disconnected and unhinged. So I literally unhinged my jaw to make him sound just insane.

In this final season, I think I just did the craziest thing I have ever done as an actor, and I hope that it comes through. I feel like that kind of physicality is what the show needs and warrants. So it’s exciting to be able to bring that to the show, and the reception is just incredible. I literally yesterday got back from Kuwait (on March 31st), I was at an event called comfest in Kuwait City and everyone there is in love with Attack On Titan. Just like we are here in the states. Just like they are in other countries. It is so cool that show has resonated with people all around. So truly a life-changing experience. 

Bryce Papenbrook | Wondercon 2022
(Bryce Papenbrook: English Voice Of Eren Yaeger)

As a massive fan of Attack On Titan (I was a high school senior when I first watched it), hearing Bryce’s stories made me appreciate the series and himself more. Now I started watching the series in Japanese Dubbing (Veteran voice actor Yuki Kaji does the Japanese Voice of Eren Yeager) and watched the whole series in Japanese. But after the interview, I re-watched some episodes with Bryce’s dubbing as Eren for the first time, and it was awe-inspiring.

After hearing Bryce’s Eren’s voice, I could tell he was passionate and loved voicing the character. Also, adding that he endured physical demands for the role shows his commitment to perfecting his voice as Eren. Eren is a complex character, and Bryce knows how to portray that complexity. Bryce will voice Eren again, potentially one last time, in Attack On Titan: Final Season Part 3.

Are you excited for Attack On Titan: Final Season Part 3? What is your favorite Eren Yaeger moment in the series? Besides Eren what other anime voice role that Bryce has portrayed are you a fan of? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or let us know on Twitter.



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