Care Bears: The New Collection from Wet n Wild Is Delightful

Need a little extra love and magic to get you through your day? Look no further than the new Care Bears Collection from Wet n Wild.
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Need a little extra love and magic to get you through your day? Look no further than the new Care Bears Collection from Wet n Wild.

The Care Bears franchise has made a lasting impression through the decades since their debut in 1981 when they started out as greeting cards. From there they became stuffed animals with multiple tv-shows, movies, inspiring clothing collections, and now taking over makeup. For the 40th anniversary of the loveable crew from Care-a-Lot, Wet n Wild has debuted a collection that is quickly selling out.


One of the great things about this collection is the variety. From brushes, to skin, and all the way to eye shadow, fans can create a full face look. Now while some products are already sold out, make sure to hit “add to wish list” to be notified if/when they come back into stock. As well as you might be able to find them at other stores like Walmart.

Care Bears: Brushes & Sponges

care bears sponges

In the Care Bears Collection, fans are able to get their hands on a few makeup application products. For fans of the franchise who love to use makeup sponges, the Care Bears 5-Piece Makeup Sponge Set is a must. This set comes with three of the teardrop shaped sponges and 2 of the pear shaped. Each sponge is a different color that coordinates with that Care Bears Belly Badge.

Now while that 5 set is currently sold out, the Care Bears Color- Changing Makeup Sponge is still available. This is a rounder, bigger sponge that is temperature-activated to heat to change color. Perfect size for applying foundation and is reasonably priced at $6.49.

Wrapping up the side of applying makeup is the 2-piece Dual Ended Brush Set. While this is already sold out at $16.99, it feels as if the brush set would be better as a 4 pack. These brushes have liquid-filled handles with sparkling confetti that look to represent Wish Bear, Grumpy Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear, and Harmony Bear. This comes across more so with the packaging, than the brush itself.

Many makeup lovers who get these collections, don’t keep the packaging around. Meaning that the product really needs to represent the characters, and with the dual set up, it just seems a little chaotic. Even the confetti seems a little overcrowded.

Prep the Skin

This is the part of the collection that seems the most sold out. Including the Care Bears Hydrating Face Mist, Care Bears Setting Spray, and the Care Bears Lip Mask. While the Care Bear Primer Serum and Care Bears Lip scrub are still available. Just be careful with the lip scrub, because from reviews it seems this is more a balm than scrub. As well as it seems putting the lip products back into the container is leading to breakage similar to lipstick snapping. This could be due to how the container is set up, but honestly this might be one of those products that’s more visual than functional.

One of the things that really stands out about this collection is how many Care Bears they were able to represent. Of course you have your popular bears like Bedtime Bear, Funshine Bear, and Grumpy Bear. But they also have added others that bigger fans would only know, like Birthday Bear who is represented by the birthday cake flavored lip scrub.

Shockingly, the Care Bears Primer Serum is not sold out yet This serum is made up of Sunflower oil, Vitamin C, and Niacinamide that will not only soothe and brightens the skin, but also preps and primes the skin for long lasting application. Plus, it smells like oranges, which is known to also help wake you up. Making it the perfect item for a morning skin routine.


This collection really has almost everything you will need. Creating a full face look is a lot easier with the combination of the Care Bears Highlighter, Care Bears Bronzer , and Care Bears Blush. These are all sold separately, which is great because the bronzer might not work with more fair complexions. Not only does each compact have an adorable Care Bear that coincides with the color. For example Funshine for the highlight, Tenderheart for the bronzer, and Love-a-Lot bear for the blush. But the compacts are imprinted with their Belly Badge.

The Care Bears Shimmer Lip Gloss comes in four shades; Sing Out Loud, Share a Smile, Spread the Love, and Free hugs. Sadly, most of these are all sold out, including Sing Out Loud, which is just pure glitter goodness. As someone who would give all their money to this collection, the sold out lip glosses were heartbreaking. With such an amazing collection, here is hoping that Wet n Wild quickly restocks these products. Especially since these are so reasonably priced at $6.49.


The most important part of any makeup collection is the palette. Still available for $16.99, fans can buy the Care Bears Caring Counts Eye & Face Palette. The shades are all named after Care Bears, majority from the original crew and ones later added in the 80s. While two are from the set of Care Bears added in the 2000s, including Heartsong Bear and Best Friend Bear. The reason this isn’t just an eye palette, is because two shades Best Friend Bear and Bedtime Bear can be used for face pigment.

This collection really shines with how they branded the Belly Badges onto a few of their products, and this palette is no exception. The constant incorporation of these symbols really make the Care Bears Collection come together as one of the best fans have seen.

That’s Not All

There is still so much more this collection has to offer. Including a variety of items that add finishing touches to your look. This includes Care Bears Artificial Nails and Care Bears False Lashes that are available in two different styles. Not to mention, for festival goers this summer there is the Care Bears Gem Face Mask and body glitter, to add that extra sparkle.

Lastly, one of the best products is the Care Bears Makeup Bag. This medium bag is the perfect place to store your Care Bears Collection, as well as to travel with. It also is just the perfect way to show off as many Care Bears as possible on one item. This is also sadly sold out currently, but one might still be able to find it at a local Walmart.

For many people, makeup is a way of life. That is why it’s so exciting to see more and more collections surrounding popular fandoms becoming available. But what really makes this one special is the affordable price for great products. As well as the amazing detail Wet n Wild put into the collection. Not only did they find a way to incorporate so many of the Care Bears in the collection, but every item feels true to the Care Bear it represents.

Let us know your feelings on the Care Bears Collection in the comments below. As well as what other collections would you like to see in the future?