Andrew Garfield’s Leaked Spider-Man 3 Shot Explained By VFX Supervisor

Spider-Man: No Way Home's VFX Supervisors explains how the Andrew Garfield leak could have happened when the 4K footage was found.
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`Everyone remembers scrolling through Twitter and seeing the leaked photo of Andrew Garfield with this spidey-suit on for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

In that unforgettable moment, no one knew whether to believe it was a deep fake or immediately acknowledge that he was in the film. Thankfully, it turned out to be the latter, and the web-slinger stole hearts all over the world once more.


The movie’s VFX Supervisors explains how the Andrew Garfield leak could have happened when the 4K footage was found.

How Did The Andrew Garfield Secret Get Out?

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Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures managed to pretty well keep Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s biggest surprises under wraps before it arrived in theaters, but there were still some pretty significant leaks. A shot of Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock and the three Spider-Men teaming up were a part of the leaks, along with the biggest 4K footage of Andrew Garfield suited up on set with a blue screen behind him.

Like I said earlier, fans thought it was a deep fake, leaving the movie lovers unsure of its validity until we got to see the iconic threequel on the big screen and rejoiced at Andrew Garfield’s sweet vulnerability as Peter.

How does this still manage to leak online? Where does it even come from? Digital Domain VFX Supervisor Kelly Port addressed that during a recent interview with Corridor Crew, claiming it as an “out-sourced vendor.”

“It’s just thousands of people. Like, our visual effects team was by far our biggest team there is and often the leaks don’t necessarily come from VFX. In this case, I think they did, or an out-sourced vendor is where I think [the leak] really came from,” Port explained. “I think the main thing that keeps people from doing it is just, their gonna lose their job, like, forever.”

“As a studio, when Marvel/Sony sends over a sequence to a visual effects studio to begin work, we call that a turnover. And then when they get that, it’s usually sent as a sequence, and your name is watermarked across the whole thing…that’s sort of the preventative medicine.”

Still, this “leak” was a smart idea to use as a marketing tactic to get fans excited and talking. After that incredible box office success, we know now it paid off in the long run. Chances are we’ll never know the true story about what actually happened or how it works. But, leaks will continue to be a big part of Hollywood, which has also been the case for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Fans are figuring out that the whole plot is out there and picking apart the trailer showing who is making a possible cameo.

What did you think of the Andrew Garfield photo when you first saw it? We couldn’t believe it but at the same time we kind of knew Andrew and Tobey would make an appearance since their villains are in it. Our reaction to Andrew coming out the portal though, that is a different story.

Do you remember all the leaks from when the filming for this movie was going on? Did you think it was fake or real? Let us know down in the comments below or on our social media!


Source: Corrider Crew


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