Elden Ring’s Message System is Completely Like Modern Social Media

Elden Ring's Message System is Completely Like Modern Social Media

It’s no secret that Elden Ring has made a huge splash in the gaming community. Stealing the limelight, this game has won over fans with its complex combat, extreme level of detail, and of course the wide-open world for players to explore. But it seems that isn’t all Elden Ring has to offer. It is also making a splash as an entire social media platform.

Long-time fans of FromSoftware games know that a messaging system similar to a social media platform has coexisted for years. Players are able to leave messages on the ground anywhere in the world, but they can’t just write anything. Using pre-existing templates and word sets, players can create messages that mostly regard gameplay. They can leave a “gesture” as well, which is basically a character’s emote.

This message is then available for other online players to see, and potentially interact with it. The focus of these comments is for other players to rate it on a scale of Good or Bad. No matter how it is rated, this gives the composer of the message a small boost of health. As well as adding to the message’s rating count. Think of Youtube’s Like vs Dislike options for videos. However, in this situation players won’t be able to see if the ratings given were good or bad.

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While this system has been around since Demon’s Souls, Elden Ring has seemed to enhance these messaging abilities. This is due to a few factors. One being the massive open-world available to players and the application those messages might have. As well as the fact that the Elden Ring has become extremely popular. While Dark Souls is a popular game with a strong fan base, Elden Ring is the hottest game this year. Meaning thousands more people are downloading and joining at speeds that Dark Souls never saw.

One of the things Elden Ring has done extremely well in regards to this system is finding the balance. Players are able to find all the aspects that are available on any of the popular social media platforms. While also making sure to keep it clean of all the things that ruin these same platforms. This includes the dangers of harassment, bigotry, spam, and hateful behavior. It is also important to note that these are issues that a lot of popular online games, like Overwatch and COD experience.

The Downside to Eldin Ring’s Message System Is All Too Familiar

Elden Ring

While there are some downsides like trolling and misinformation still being a problem, overall Elden Ring’s messaging system is adding another level of fun and excitement to the already great gameplay. One way this system helps players is through the ability to share important, useful information regarding the world around them. Think of it like when Google Maps warns you of a Speed Trap ahead. Players can leave messages like “Trap ahead” or “try summoning”, to give players a little advantage.

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The best advice players can receive in this game is the fact that their death is inevitable. No matter how hard you try, you will experience death in one form or many. With the ability to leave these messages, players have time to prepare and enhance their chance of survival. However, be aware that some messages might not be so easy to understand like “group ahead.” But with enough time the slang is easy to pick up.

In regards to some confusion with messages, other players can add on to clear it up. For example, a developer placed a message next to a statue in Liurna, “Erudition.” This was to help players unlock a magic door nearby. However, just using the gesture isn’t enough to work. A message nearby placed by another player reads, “Try head.” Because players can also see the ghostly figures of people who leave the messages, they would have noticed this ghost wearing one of the glintstone crown helms. Like a puzzle in an escape room, by combining the pieces together players are able to realize that the erudtion gesture only works when done with the helm on.

The ability to add on messages like the example above, or to help call out the trolling behavior creates a situation similar to message boards. This is a perfect workaround to otherwise one-way messages. This also allows a free space for players who don’t want to be bothered by the spamming of messages. Which personally, is a sanity saver for a lot of female gamers.

Elden Ring Allows for Elden Memes

It feels like every form of social media must have the ability to share memes and this is just another reason why Elden Ring fits the bill. Besides the ability to give important information about quests, puzzles, and the road ahead. Many players have taken to leaving messages that align with memes. Players can find references to Lord of the Rings, other popular games, and even oldies but goodies memes that maybe only older fans would understand.

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The ability to bring memes into Elden Ring, allow players to have a little more creative fun while they play. And of course, with the ability to add gestures there are some humor that might me more sexual than players like. But overall, these are lighthearted and add a bit of laughter to the mix.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring can be a tough game and the ability to group up with friends is an amazing feature. Along with this, players are able to communicate privately between the group. A great thing about this private group chat is the fact that players can share their experiences even when others aren’t actively online. The only downfall is that there is no name stamp with the message, so players will have to figure out who it came from. But if you are playing with friends, chances are you will already have a good idea of who might have said what.

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Overall, the message system in Elden Ring is just another reason why people are obsessed with this game. Between helpful tips, adding bits of humor, connecting with friends, and even leaving messages of encouragement for the hard times this message system rivals the most popular social media platforms.

Elden Ring

Do you like Elden Ring’s messaging system? What’s your highest-rated message? How often do you try to make a meme in-game? Let us know in the comments below and share some of your best Elden Memes with us on Twitter.

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