Moon Knight’s Kang The Conqueror Easter Egg in Episode 3 Confirmed

Moon Knight has dropped a Kang the Conqueror Easter egg in its third effort amidst an MCU desert.
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Kang the Conqueror made his debut in the Loki series, and he is ever-present in the MCU now. Moon Knight is no exception. The show has been noteworthy for its lack of Easter Egg and references to the greater MCU, which strays far from the standard set by its predecessors.

The plot of Moon Knight consists of a man with Dissociative Identity Disorder, museum assistant Steven Grant and mercenary Marc Spector, Together, the alters investigate the mysteries of the Egyptian gods from inside the same body, following the desires of Khonshu and becoming a vigilante hero when needed.


In the MCU, the Egyptian gods are mystical beings who tend to operate through avatars. They were once heavily involved with every aspect of Egyptian life, but a mysterious “Great Rift” saw humans and gods turn away from one another. The Moon God Khonshu appears to be one major exception, working through his avatar the Moon Knight to exact justice and retribution on Earth even into the present day.

Meanwhile, the villainous Arthur Harrow intends to restore the power of another rebellious god, Ammit, who was imprisoned millennia ago for her crimes but possesses the power to threaten the entire world should she return to this plane of existence.

Has Moon Knight Begun Referencing The MCU?

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Marvel projects are known to be full with verbal and visual nods to other Marvel projects, but Moon Knight has gotten away with only providing a simple Madripoor namedrop and nothing else yet so far.

At least, that’s what fans thought, until a new video from the name of Youtuber Erik Voss apparently confirmed another another Marvel tease was hidden carefully with the run time of the series’ third episode.

The opening sequence of “The Friendly Type”, the great Marc Spector is chasing a small group of thugs with faithfulness to the villainous Arthur Harrow. He eventually catches up to them, engages in combat against the thugs, and attempts to question the young survivor of the group.

It doesn’t go as planned, of course, but just before his target meets his end, fans can catch a brief glimpse of an image painted on the back of his jean jacket. The art displays a faceless pharaoh with a familiar headdress, highlighted by an equally familiar teal and purple color scheme. Sound familiar?

Voss explains this a reference to Kang the Conqueror’s time as the pharaoh variant Rama-Tut. A possible timeline character of his when he was dealing with the multiverse? It may appear to be a coincidence, the Easter egg has supposedly been confirmed to be intentional according to Moon Knight crew members. This is so interesting so see because it pops the question as to whether or not Rama-Tut actually existed as a pharaoh in MCU canon.

Was the young man in the group of thugs just having a little fun with his fashion choices, or was he a fan of Marvel’s most powerful Egyptian ruler? We will have to wait to find out, the last two episodes will come out every Wednesday on Disney+.

The fourth episode is out now when we were writing this so go check it out! We have enjoyed the Moon Knight series along with Egyptian history behind it. We can’t wait to see what MCU will have in store for Steven Grant/ Marc Spector.

What did you think of this little Easter egg? Do you think they will do a better job of showing more Easter eggs in the two last episodes? Let us know down in the comments below or on our social media!


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