Zenkaiger G-Rosso Theater Show Adds a New Exclusive Silver Ranger


A new addition to Zenkaiger is set to debut after the show’s run has ended. This is a new Ranger for an existing character, who will appear in the G-Rosso Threatre show. Much like the Gold Ranger of the series, this Ranger is also themed after Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger but has its own flair to match the unique character. The show also allows another female Ranger to be added to this Zenkaiger team as the show only had one female Ranger, meaning this 8th addition is a blessing compared to the previous ratio.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger was the 45th Super Sentai series that was themed on the Robo of past teams. Before the only Rangers included in the series include Zenkaizer, Zenkai Juran, Zenkai Vroon, Zenkai Magine, Zenkai Gaon, Twokaizer, and StaCeaser. Zox Goldtsuiker is the gold Ranger known as Twokaizer that is designed on the Rangers of Gokaiger and their Robo, Gokai-Oh. He is the Captain of the family and is supported in battle by his siblings from the Pirate World he originates from.

These siblings are Flint, Cuttaner, and Rikki, who all play a supportive role to their brother and are part of Twokaizer’s arsenal. Flint Goldtsuiker is the only sister of Zox and is the brains behind the family. She is the genius that created all the gear tech based on the data they stole from the Tojitendo Empire in the Kikainoid World. Unlike her brothers, Flint’s role was mainly passive and supplied the Rangers however she could. Now, this fan-loved character is getting her chance to shine.

Zenkaiger Stage Show Introduces Twokai Flint

Twokai Flint is the Silver Ranger that Flint Goldtsuiker will be able to transform into, in the theatre production. Flint is played by Hinami Mori, who first appeared in episode 9 of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. Although her design is much like Twokaizer, she has various details that are incorporated from Flint to make her unique. These are based on the vest and overcoat that Flint wears in her civilian form, seen in the TV show. Below are Pictures of Flint in her new Ranger form exclusive to the live show performance.


Another addition has also been seen as a feature of this G-Rosso show, which appears to be an antagonist in the production. This character is known as Satan Cross who doesn’t appear to be another ranger despite their appearance. Most fans will notice that the design is based on The Black Knight from Seijuu Sentai Gingaman, with some design changes applied and a new color scheme. Here are the images of Satan Cross’ exclusive appearance in the show.

Flint is a fan favorite for her own personality and unique intelligence, with a cute appearance. It’s great to see her become a Ranger as many have wanted her to become, especially after this was teased when Zox switched into her body for an episode and Morphed into Twokaizer. The only downside is that Flint doesn’t represent another Sentai team or Power that the show categories Ranger teams into. She could have easily been a great candidate for a Ranger based on a Science Power or Galaxy Power, due to her unique intelligence. Hopefully, Twokai Flint will also gain forms like her Brother to represent more teams, like Shinkenger and Ohranger were used.

What do you think of Twokai Flint? Do you want to see her debut in the G-Rosso Threatre show? Should this silver Ranger be included in Zenkaiger in the future? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai.



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