Call of Duty: Operation Monarch Teaser Introduces King Kong and Godzilla to the Warzone

Godzilla and King Kong are coming to the Warzone in Call of Duty: Operation Monarch, as shown in the new teaser.
call of duty godzilla king kong

Yes, you heard that right. Godzilla and King Kong are coming to the Warzone in Call of Duty: Operation Monarch! Hold on to your butts…

If you’ve ever been parachuting into Battle Royal and thought to yourself, “I wish a giant monkey paw would bash me out of the sky,” you might be in luck! Call of Duty: Warzone has just announced the most insane crossover that we could have ever imagined.


In a teaser trailer that released on Thursday, the first-person shooter debuted an expansion called Operation Monarch, which teased an epic showdown between Godzilla and King Kong that will take place in Season 3 of Warzone.

Call Of Duty Presents Operation Monarch

call of duty - operation monarch

The trailer shows the two kaiju’s clashing just as they did in the 2021 film Godzilla vs. Kong, with some absolutely spectacular visuals on display. The short trailer opens with a foreboding voiceover as King Kong rips a Warzone plane out of the sky and slams it against a mountain.

The giant ape then charges toward Godzilla like a hyped-up Connor McGregor that just happens to be the size of a skyscraper. We have no idea what’s going on, but we are 100000% in for it!

Check out the teaser below:

As of right now, we don’t exactly know how the creatures will factor into the gameplay. Some are theorizing that they will replace the gas circle, while others believe that they might just be fighting in the background. It would be amazing if they could somehow affect the gameplay itself, wreaking havoc across the landscape as the players face each other, but we imagine that such rampant destruction would be a nightmare to animation developers over at Activision Blizzard.

While Season 3 of Warzone begins on Wednesday, April 27th, the Operation Monarch event won’t be kicking off until May 11th. In the meantime, it does look like Season 3 will be rolling out some new updates to get people excited, including new artifacts and points of interest across the map. So if this has got you excited (which, of course it does), then drop in on Wednesday to see some of these new additions.

Call Of Duty Warzone: Operation Monarch Trailer Teases A Showdown Between King Kong And Godzilla

The official Call of Duty website offers a few details about what we can expect:

“Giant skulls and rebuilt defenses are just two of the many clues towards what will come with Operation Monarch, a special limited-time event featuring the iconic Titans of the Monsterverse, Godzilla and Kong. Along with bringing two of the largest stars in movie history to Call of Duty, Operation Monarch will introduce a new game mode for Quads based on several classic experiences with a titan-sized twist.

While Operation Monarch won’t begin until 9 AM PT May 11, be on the lookout for the presence of ancient artifacts, Monarch Research equipment and tents, as well as…well, it won’t take much investigating to see the massive glowing axe jutting out of the ground right near the Resort.”

In addition, here are some of the new Points of Interest from Call of Duty’s website:

Dig Site: Located between the Mine and the Ruins, the new Monarch Dig Site Point of Interest provides Operators the opportunity to rummage through abandoned excavation equipment, tents, and massive skeletons for Supply Boxes and other items.

Updates to Runway, Peak, Lagoon: Only partially constructed for the past two seasons, Caldera’s northern aircraft Runway and its stronghold on the Peak will be fortified by those defending Caldera and its secrets. Meanwhile, the shifting tide on Lagoon will reveal another path to the Lighthouse.

Operation Monarch: While Operation Monarch won’t begin until around May 11, be on the lookout for signs of large creatures, ancient artifacts, Monarch Research equipment and facilities, and…Well, it won’t take much investigating to see the massive glowing axe jutting out of the ground right near the Resort.

New Gulag — Hold: A new Gulag developed by Toys for Bob, this roughly symmetrical arena is based in the belly of a ship moored just off the coast of Caldera, with identical hallways on the perimeter of an otherwise open space.

Operation Monarch releases on Call of Duty: Warzone May 11th, 2022.

Call of Duty Warzone is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5. Season 3 kicks off on April 27.

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