Mustafa Ali Announces His Intentions Since Returning To WWE

Mustafa Ali has made his intention very clear: he's coming for the United States Championship.
WWE Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali has made his intention very clear: he’s coming for the United States Championship.

Ali made his return to WWE a few weeks back and has set his sights on Miz and Theory.  Mustafa Ali wasn’t on TV for a long time as he had requested his release back in January. He wanted to relay “a message that is much bigger than my dreams in pro wrestling,” but WWE ultimately denied his release request.


In the time off, Mustafa Ali must have refocused himself because he has come back at full power. Unfortunately for Miz and Theory he has set his sights on them and more specifically Theory’s United States Championship. So far the pair have used heel tactics to get over on Ali, but they can over work for so long.

On this week’s WWE’s The Bump Ali was a guest and he made it very clear who he has his sights set on and what his goal is since returning to the WWE.

“The Miz, undoubtedly a future WWE Hall Of Famer, a former WWE Champion. He’s done everything and that goes back to my point. Ever since I came back, I came with the intention to have a match against Theory for the US Title. Theory sidesteps me, The Miz doesn’t know about the match, I don’t know about the match,” Ali said. “It’s a level, fair, straight-up match and I won. Every week after that, it’s their advantage, its special guest referees. There’s handicap matches, I have a match with a special guest referee with a new opponent.

So every week since then, the odds have been stacked against me. But, if you go back to week one when I came back, a straight-up match, I defeated, in the middle of the ring, a former WWE Champion, a future Hall Of Famer. I think we always focus on what’s just happened, that’s the way I am looking at things right now.

I am in my bag right now, I am feeling myself, I feel untouchable in the ring. So, to answer your question, yeah, I am dangerous, I can move, I am quick, I am slick with it. So, when Theory actually decides to grow a set and give me my United States Championship match, I am going to become the United States Champion.” H/T To Wrestling Inc. For Transcription

A Long Time Left For Mustafa Ali To Get The US Title

WWE Mustafa Ali
Courtesy Of WWE

Mustafa Ali has shown WWE fans why he is someone not to be taken lightly, time after time.  When he says he will become the United States champion I’m forced to believe him.


Since being denied his release earlier this year Ali has a long time left with WWE.  His contract is set to expire in mid-2024.  However, what WWE can and sometimes does do is freeze the contract due to inactivity.  If this happens it would extend Ali’s contract.  As of right now they have not or at least have not announced it.  This is still a possibility in the future, but it is uncommon and I can only think of it actually happening one time.  However, having a release request denied is also uncommon.

WWE Mustafa Ali Miz Austin Theory
Courtesy Of WWE

Now that we know how much time was remaining on Mustafa Ali’s contract I’m not surprised it was denied.  The good news is he has plenty of time to get the United States Championship and any other championships he may want to go after.  Hopefully for the remainder of his contract he rediscovers his love for pro wrestling and WWE gives him storlines he likes and can work with.

Just prior to his hiatus and his release request he pitched a political character and even filmed a promo video for it.  That gimmick was shot down by WWE.  Maybe now WWE will give him a little more freedom to explore new character ideas.

What do you think of Mustafa Ali’s return?  Are you excited to see him back?  Do you think he will be able to accomplish his goal of winning the United States Championship?  Will he win it off Theory?  Leave a comment and tell us if you would like to see Ali revisit this political character he pitched before.


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