Power Rangers 30th Anniversary: New Story Details For Upcoming Reunion Special: Exclusive

With the 30th anniversary of Power Rangers quickly approaching, new details for the upcoming celebration are quickly approaching. Come check it out!
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 30th Anniversary Reunion Special

With the 30th anniversary of Power Rangers quickly approaching, new details for the upcoming celebration are quickly approaching. The Illuminerdi can exclusively reveal some of the plot details for the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reunion special. Warning, this article will contain potential plot details for Power Rangers 30th anniversary content, so if you do not wish to be spoiled please come back at a later date.

We previously reported that a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 44-minute reunion special is being planned with the original cast members being approached to return. Not all of the cast members have signed on as of the writing of this article, however.

Power Rangers 30th Anniversary Story Details

Alternatively, we also reported that David Yost, who portrayed Billy, the Blue Ranger, in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has signed on to return for the 30th season. However, it is currently unknown if Yost signed on for the full season or just a one-off appearance.


A reboot to the Power Rangers franchise is currently in development with Jonathan Entwistle. The 30th anniversary is expected to wrap up the version of the show that began in 1993. It is unknown if anything from the current Power Rangers universe will be used in the upcoming reboot.

Although the 30th anniversary will be spending a lot of time reminiscing on the past, the show will also be introducing new characters to the franchise. One of those will have a major impact on the upcoming reunion.

Trini’s Daughter, Yen, Will Have a Major Role in the Power Rangers 30th Anniversary

Thanks to leaked casting details we know that Hasbro is looking to cast someone who can play a Vietnamese-America between the ages of 18-23 to Yen who, according to our sources, is the daughter of the original Yellow Ranger, Trini Kwan.

Trini’s actress, Thuy Trang, tragically passed away in a car accident in 2001 and was unable to reprise her role after her departure in the show’s second season. The reunion will honor the legacy of Trang as well as the character of Trini. The Yellow Ranger will be heavily featured on the packaging for the 30th-anniversary toys.

As of now specific plot details are still under wraps and subject to change depending on who signs on. However, we do know that the returning Mighty Morphin Rangers are set to pass down their powers Yen to become the embodiment of MMPR. Yen will eventually gain a modified version of the MMPR Yellow suit that can switch between the different colors.


We are currently unaware of how the Mighty Morphin reunion will connect to the 30th season of the show; however, there does seem to be some connection between the two. The Illuminerdi will be sure to keep you updated when more information is revealed.

mighty morphin power rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993) stars Austin St. John as Jason / the Red Ranger, Thuy Trang as Trini / the Yellow Ranger, Walter Emanuel Jones as Zack / the Black Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly / the Pink Ranger, David Yost as Billy / the Blue Ranger, Jason David Frank as Tommy / the Green Ranger, Paul Schrier as Bulk, Jason Narvy as Skull, David Fielding as Zordon, Machiko Soga as Rita Repulsa, and Richard Genelle as Ernie.

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