The Batman’s Carver Twins Discuss the Unbelievable Difference in Performance By Robert Pattinson as Batman and Bruce Wayne: Exclusive Interview

The Illuminerdi interviews the Carver twins from The Batman and they explain the dynamic performance of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne and The Dark Knight.
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Out of the many things that blew people away in The Batman, one of the biggest was Robert Pattinson’s performance in the title role. To those who may have only known Pattinson for his mainstream films like Twilight, Water For Elephants, and Remember Me, the casting of the actor for The Caped Crusader likely sounded ludicrous. However, those who have followed Pattinson’s independent films knew he’d be up to the challenge. One of the most memorable scenes is Batman’s interaction with the guards at the Iceberg Lounge. 

The Illuminerdi’s Interview with the Carver Twins from The Batman

Recently, The Illuminerdi chatted with the Carver brothers (who portray the guards in the scene) about what it was like working with Robert Pattinson on The Batman.

The Illuminerdi: There wasn’t a lot of humor in The Batman. However, one of the most memorable moments is both when Batman and Bruce Wayne knock on your door. How Did Robert Pattinson’s vibe differ in each performance? Both on and off camera.

I mean, first of all. Rob off camera, is just like the sweetest, goofiest guy, consummate professional, but like so warm, so lovely to be around. When it came to shooting those scenes, we’d seen him in the bat suit before because I think we shot that big action sequence at the drop’s factory warehouse where the Batmobile is revealed. We Shot that first. That was one of the first things we all shot together. But nonetheless, he opens the door, or we open the door, and you see Batman in front of you. He was ferocious in that suit.

Charlie Carver, The Illuminerdi Interview

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“It was one thing to see him kind of play elsewhere, but to get punched in the face by Batman, over and over again, that was a trip. When we saw him as Bruce Wayne, it was the first time we’d seen Pattinson as that half of the character. It was shocking because we’re both big Batman fans here. It Was just such a different take. I think such an honest take about this wounded, traumatized billionaire. So we open up the door and the first take is sort of not quite sure what to expect.”

Charlie Carver, The Illuminerdi Interview

Pattinson is known to all who work with him as an extremely dedicated actor. His performances in films like Good Time and The Lighthouse showed audiences he could bring a unique intensity to the screen and command attention just by standing in a room. One of the elements highlighted most by The Batman in comparison to other live-action versions of the character is just how broken his Bruce Wayne is. 

Only two years into fighting crime, he is yet to develop the playboy persona for Gotham City and spends what little time outside of the costume he has obsessed with getting down to the bottom of the Riddler case. However, when the cowl slips on, that brokenness is replaced by a quietly intimidating presence that rightfully leaves all of Gotham’s criminals shivering. Plus, in Carver’s case, the idea of opening your door to see Batman himself standing outside it is a fantasy I’m sure many would be terrified to see come true. 

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It’s clear from Carver’s statements that Pattinson is as dedicated to Batman as ever, and with Matt Reeves having announced plans for sequels and spin-offs for HBOMax, we can rest assured that this new Batman universe is only just beginning. We at The Illuminerdi will keep you updated on any and all news relating to The Batman projects as they develop.

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The Batman is now available on HBO Max and Digital and will be available on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD on May 24. What do you think of the Carver quotes about Robert Pattinson? Would you be shaking in your boots if Batman showed up at your door?  Are you excited about the prospect of sequels to The Batman? What’s your favorite Robert Pattinson performance? Let us know in the comments below and on our Twitter.



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