The Bad Batch Season 2 Gets New Trailer And Release Window

We finally have an epic first trailer and a release window for The Bad Batch Season 2.

We finally have an epic first trailer and a release window for The Bad Batch Season 2.

Over the course of the last few days we have gotten a ton of Star Wars news. That is because the yearly Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim took place. Fans and stars of the Star Wars universe came together to celebrate and as usual we have gotten a ton of news of the future of the galaxy far far away.


There is plenty of exciting footage to pore over: the new series Skeleton Crewthe first trailer for the highly anticipated third season of The Mandalorian (which fans who didn’t attend the convention only get to see through leaks), the first trailer for the Rogue One prequel Andor, and the first trailer for the anticipated sequel game of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

The Bad Batch Is Back Again

Everyone got something to anticipate, and Lucasfilm didn’t forget about us animation fans, as we have not only gotten a few new show announcements, but also a trailer for season 2 of the Clone Wars successor The Bad Batch.

While The Bad Batch trailer is more like a teaser, clocking in at around 1 minute and 10 seconds, we do see quite a bit of interesting footage. First off, the crew got a new look as we see the Clone troopers in a new uniform. That was only a matter of time, as its not that safe to openly walk around in Clone Armor, especially after what happened in Season 1 and with the recent rise of the empire. Another interesting bit is that we get a look at Emperor Palpatine in the senate on Coruscant.

That might lead to some interesting new stories or at least scenes and information about how he started his reign of the Galactic Empire as we’ve only seen him for a brief amount of time after the fall of the republic in The Bad Batch Episode 3 and then again in Episode 5.

the bad batch

Another two interesting shots showcase some Clone troopers in the Arc Armor, showing that the evolution between Clone- and Stormtrooper still hasn’t happened yet. The other shot showcases the Wookie youngling Gungi, inserting his green lightsaber. Fans know him from a few episodes of The Clone Wars, in which he fought General Grievous and was captured by Pirates. It’ll be interesting to see what his purpose in the story will be. As a young (according to Wookiepedia) padawan at this time, he will definitely have a ton of enemies to face. Will the Bad Batch rescue him on a mission?

In the last few frames we get a ton of very brief shots, as well as an action sequence on a sort of water planet on which Omega (also in a new armor) fights a giant crab monster. We see a space battle involving the Batch, Tech is racing a pod in a sort of arena and we see a bunch of LAAT ships arriving on what might be Kamino.

During the Celebration panel with Dave Filoni and the cast it was also confirmed that Comander Cody will make an appearance in the second season, after Captain Rex showed up in the first.

The man behind the Bad Batch (literally, as he speaks every Clone role) Dee Bradley Baker stated: “I really love the choice to center the story around a child. To find not just a soldiers’ way but how to raise a child to find her superpower as this world shifts from the Republic…”

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first season, which with its 16 episodes only had to offer a handful of good ones, while the rest did feel like filler between those. Season 2 is also confirmed to have 16 episodes, so here’s hoping that we will get more exciting ones and less filler.

After the first season of The Bad Batch premiered May 4, 2021, the second one is set to hit Disney+ this fall.

Star Wars The Bad Batch

What do you guys think? Did you like the first season? Are you excited for the second one? Let’s discuss everything in the comments down below and on our Social Media.


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