Donbrothers 6th Ranger Revealed in Toy images with Morpher and Alter Form

The Donbrothers Sixth Ranger has been revealed in new toy images.

Additional Weapon Associated with Tiger Form

Another weapon is also used by the Donbrothers 6th Ranger and will also be used to carry the gears that the Ranger will use. The TiGuardra is held on the left arm of the Ranger in both forms and is also used to store the Ranger’s gears instead of a belt buckle. Like the Zanglassword and Don Blaster, this Tiger-based shield can link with the Ryuko Nogeki for other features such as activating a final attack. This additional weapon also comes with the Don Torabolt avataro gear and also the 6th Ranger gear for Dairanger’s Kibaranger. Here are the images of the Tiger Dora toy that will soon be released.

It’s likely that this weapon will either be a form of blaster or even simply a small shield for the Ranger to use. The dominant silver tiger design is likely to balance out how the Changer is designed more around the gold dragon Ranger but makes them a perfect duo for either form that the Ranger changes to. It’s interesting how the Ranger uses this item to store his gears instead of the belt buckle like the core members of the team. This gives the Ranger a greater unique design that will make them stand out, as most 6th Rangers do.

6th Ranger has Alter Form like Red Ranger

Don Doragokuu/Torabolt will also have a alter mode, which only the red ranger, Don Momotaro, is able to become for combining with Alters based on past Sentai Zords. This Ranger has two forms like Don Momotaro Alter, except they have a dragon mode instead of a Peach form.

The biggest difference that this Alter form has to the Ranger is the color change as he is dominantly green in this form. Paired with this Ranger Alter is also the Nininger Alter, which is purely based on a Shuriken, rather than one of the Zords featured in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. Here are the images of the 6th Ranger Alter along with the Ninninger Alter, which can also combine with Don Momotaro’s Alter form.


The green is certainly different compared to the original color of the Ranger, which has gold or silver depending on the form. The colors and motifs are likely references to Dragon Ranger and Kibaranger, which are popular due to the link created by Power Rangers with Tommy Oliver. The main weapon is also the Morpher used by the 6th Ranger, which is like Don Momotaro Alter keeping his Zanglass Sword.

However, in the dragon mode, the weapon becomes his tail, but the details do suggest that the dragon mode was the main concern. The Ninninger Alter looks completely different compared to the Alters before it but the design does captivate the theme even without using any Zord from the series.  

Revealed Character and Actor of The 6th Ranger

The person who will become the 6th Ranger has been revealed to be called Miwawari Jiro, who will be played by Raizou Ishikawa. Due to events that have led to the team having to fight without Taro Momoi, he will be the temporary leader of the team and hopefully bring Taro back. The backstory has yet to be revealed for this character but he will be making his debut in episode 14 of the Avataro Sentai Donbrothers series. Here is the debut image of the character.


All of the new additions for the 6th Ranger are going to make his debut hard to wait for. The new Morpher along is going to be what fans are looking forward to seeing as the transformation call of a Ranger is one of the biggest events to happen in every Sentai series, especially for the 6th Rangers since they usually have a more unique version that sets them apart from the other teammates.

The only thing that hasn’t been revealed is the Robotaro form that this 6th Ranger will likely have, as this will likely form a new Megazord for this special Sentai series. In the meantime, the toy releases and TV debut dates are currently set as seen before.

The Donbrothers Change hero line of Don Doragokuu/Toravolt, Don Doragokuu Alter, and Ninninger Alter will be available on June 18th. Both the DX Ryukonogeki and the TiGuardra will be available on the 16th of July.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

What do you think of the 6th Ranger of Donbrothers? Do you prefer Don Doragokuu or the Don Torabolt form? Are you excited to see the Ryukonogeki and TiGuardra in action? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Donbrothers news in the future!



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