Donbrothers 6th Ranger Revealed in Toy images with Morpher and Alter Form

The Donbrothers Sixth Ranger has been revealed in new toy images.

The 6th Ranger of Donbrothers has been revealed as toy images if his figure, Changer, and weapons have been released. The new Ranger has been announced to have the ability to change between gold and silver armor while wielding a spear-to-axe Morpher, which allows him to transform using his personal Avataro Gears. Like Don Momotaro, they will also have Alter form, accompanied by a Sentai Alter representing Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers began with 5 Rangers slowly debuting in the various episodes. The team is based on the folktale of Momotaro and uses past Sentai as part of the arsenal of this 46th Sentai. Along with Admin, Zenkaizer Black, the team fight against Hitotsuki who are created from a person’s greed and obsession. Each time these monsters are defeated, they are granted points for wishes for helping their leader and gain Sentai Gear appears before the admin. However, they must also deal with the Nato, warriors from another world, along with the latest threat, The Beastials.

The 6th Ranger is one of the highlighted reveals in any Super Sentai series, after the core team and main Megazord debuts. Much like Lupin/Patoren X and Twokaizer, the Donbrothers 6th Ranger can change forms and be a Gold or Silver Ranger. This means that the Ranger will adapt themselves to the situation and will have different fighting styles depending on the form they are in. Toys relating to the new Ranger are the first preview of the Ranger, Morpher, their additional weapon, and an Alter form.

Donbrothers‘ 6th Ranger

The new Ranger is known as Don Doragokuu in his Gold Ranger form and Don Torabolt in his Silver Ranger form. As heard in rumors of the 6th Ranger, it is now officially confirmed that the motifs of this Ranger will be a Dragon and Tiger, respectively. Each Ranger form will also have their own Avataro Gear, which will grant a different helmet and armor plating based on the selected form. Here are the images of the figure that reveals the 6th Ranger of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers and their two forms.

The Ranger is dominantly gold but is given red details on the Dragon helmet with a gold armor shield as Don Doragokuu. While as Don Torabolt, they are given silver details on the Tiger helmet with a silver armor shield. There is still a use of glasses for the visor, but a form of line art is used for the two animal designs. Both the shields seen in both forms have their own texture to them but generally, the warrior design in the armor is keeping to the theme of the Ranger team.


Both dragons and Tigers are regarded as majestic rulers in Japanese mythology, which matches the folklore theme as both creatures are included in folklores like Momotaro. The symbol on the chest of the armor is an excellent addition to the overall design but the samurai-like armor decoration really catches your eye. Straight away you notice the weapon that each form has separately, which is also the 6th Ranger’s Changer.

Morpher toy shows Axe-To-Spear Changer

The Changer for this 6th Ranger is also the primary weapon and can change form depending on the form that the 6th Ranger chooses. This Sentai Morpher is called the Ryukonogeki which has a spear mode for Don Doragokuu and an axe for Don Torabolt. Separate Avataro Gears allow the 6th Ranger to change to either form, however, the weapon needs to be in the corresponding mode for the Ranger they have selected to change to. Here are the images for the DX Ryuko Nogeki in both forms, along with the Avataro gears that come with it.


The halberd design is amazingly detailed like the Ranger’s themed armor and looks perfect in both Spear and Axe modes. The added light-up motif for both the Dragon and Tiger just adds a greater level of visuals, when using corresponding gears for the transformation. The Changer is designed to focus on the gold form and dragon motif as the primary focus, which may suggest that Don Doragokuu is the dominant form.

The Morpher toy will only come with the Don Doragokuu Gear and will be 560mm in length, which is a great length but as expected, may not be a 1:1 scale that will be seen in the show. It will still be able to link with an additional weapon, which is designed with the tiger motif.

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