Magazine Images of Donbrothers Give Better Look At Sentai Team

Donbrothers images appearing in magazines gives fans better look at full Sentai team.

Latest magazine images uploaded by fans gives better look at Rangers from Donbrothers. The 46th Sentai is currently having all forms of content revealed with the Rangers now being seen for the first time. With these images, fans are able to get a better look at the Rangers suits, helmets, and even a preview of their size comparison.

In Avataro Sentai Donbrothers, each Ranger is based on a character featured in Momotaro, a Japanese folktale. The biggest difference compared to most Sentai is that CGI will be used for some of the characters in this series. The Rangers of this series include the following.

  • Don Momotaro, Red Ranger
  • Oni Sister, Yellow Ranger
  • Inu Brother, The Dog Black Ranger
  • Saru Brother, The Monkey Blue Ranger
  • KijiBrother, The Pheasant Pink Ranger

The image below shows the unusually scaling of the team.

Donbrothers Full

The two that stand out instantly are KijiBrother and InuBrother, which is due to their odd size and proportions.

Described as a Slenderman-type Ranger, the Pink Ranger is significantly tall compared to the rest of the team. Their arms and legs are also usually long so the proportions look completely different from what fans are used to. This may be a result of the character being similar but the proportions match up well to this type of bird.

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KijiBrother also has wings, which makes sense for the Pheasant Pink Ranger to have. However, the Ranger also has claw-based feet, which make the design stand out more. The size of the Ranger also makes the rather large shoulder pads stand out. It will be interesting to see this Ranger in action with this weird design.


InuBrother is clearly the smallest out of the team, with a head a dominant size compared to the body. Most may see this Ranger like a animated cartoon character. It will be curious if they move in a similar fashion in battle, or if their combat movement will be similar to a dog and much like Gaoranger.

The other Rangers have the exactly build fans would expect. However, it may appear that the feet for Sarubrother may be similar in concept to KijiBrother. Even with InuBrother blocking the view, it seems that the Blue Ranger has block-based feet that may have a Monkey foot design. This Ranger also is the only one that appears to have furry shoulder pads.

It’s great to see more of OniSister and Don Momotaro fully and in this image, we now see Zenkaiger and the Red ranger together. Before, only a silhouette was seen with the leader of Zenkaiger.

Donbrothers Featured With Other Toku Heroes On Cover

Other images from a magazine cover gives us a better look of the helmets of each Ranger. Showing us the detail in their visors, which keeps the general design similar for the team but retains individuality. Here are the helmet images of the 5 Donbrothers that were shared on social media.

Donbrothers Magazine Cover
Donbrothers Momo
Donbrothers 4 Rangers

This team has so much hype surrounding them and the images keep pouring through. Hopefully, it won’t be long until we get to see the first clip of them in action and maybe even see the first morph.

What do you think of the 46th Super Sentai team? Do you like the Donbrothers Ranger designs? Which Donbrothers helmet is your favourite so far? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai.

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