Renee Paquette Confused On AEW Booking And Reaction To Husband’s Match

Renee Paquette, formerly Renee Young in WWE, questions AEW's booking in the women’s division, the length of PPVs and her reaction to a brutal spot in her husband’s match.
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Renee Paquette, formerly Renee Young in WWE, questions AEW’s booking in the women’s division, the length of PPVs and her reaction to a brutal spot in her husband’s match.

Last weekend was AEW: Double or Nothing and with everything which happened with MJF the actual event has fallen by the wayside. It could also be because the PPV was an exhausting four and a half hours long. That is a lot of wrestling to pack into one night.


What is surprising with the length of Double or Nothing is the fact that Tony Khan had previously said he would keep the big four AEW PPVs under four hours.  

AEW Double or Nothing 2022
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Renee Paquette talked about what she thought of Double or Nothing and the long length on her podcast The Sessions with Renée Paquette:

“We just finished watching Double or Nothing, this is why we’re delirious and nuts right now because that pay-per-view lasted roughly 36 hours,” Paquette said. “That was a very long pay-per-view. There’s been lots of long pay-per-views, WWE has done lots of long pay-per-views, but I do feel like they’ve nipped those in the bud and they have been a little bit more succinct, but yeah, that was a long pay-per-view. Great pay-per-view.” H/T To Wrestling Inc. For Transcription 

Too Much Wrestling Is A Thing

It is really easy to overindulge in things we love like chocolate or pro wrestling and get “stuffed” on it. A way WWE has been able keep their PPVs in a manageable time limit is to split the events to two nights. The last few years WrestleMania has become a two night event. However, I think AEW’s problem is that matches just go long. The goal was probably to go four hours, but if all the matches go over and the referees don’t make sure they wrap up the match. The time starts to add up. Referees have always had trouble with numbers and have a hard time counting to three even.

Did The Right Woman Win?

AEW Toni Storm
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Double or Nothing also saw the finals of the men’s and women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. The winners were the extremely talented Adam Cole and Britt Baker. The pair also are in a real life relationship. A definite power couple and I’m sure AEW will waste no time using that in storylines.

However, Renee Paquette and some fans think Baker winning the women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament may have not been the right choice.

“My fingers not fully on the pulse with every little nuisance of things going on, but I think when Toni Storm didn’t go over Britt on their way to the tournament and then to have Ruby also lose, it would be nice to have one of those women in that spot,” Paquette said. “Like I’m saying, Britt is f***ing great, there’s no denying that. I think she’s fantastic, I think she is head and shoulders at the top of that division, but to spread some of that love around as they’re bulking up that division, these women are stars. Toni Storm is a star, Ruby Soho is a star … she’s amazing. Kris Stantlander is on her way up as well.”

What Does Winning Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Mean?

I agree with Renee Paquette, but it depends what the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament is going to be used for. If it is like WWE’s King of the Ring and used as a way to showcase a rising star. WWE has also used KOTR to tell the world this is who they will be pushing into the title picture. If AEW sees the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament the same way then I don’t think they should have a recent former AEW Women’s World champion win it. It should go to an up-and-coming wrestler. This would give the wrestler a lot of momentum to show they are a threat to the women on top of the division.

Renee Paquette On Jon Moxley Getting Blasted In The Face With A Refreshing Breeze

Renee Paquette also talked about the brutal Anarchy in the Arena match which saw her husband  Jon Moxley, “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, Eddie Kingston, Ortiz and Santana vs.The Jericho Appreciation Society “The Wizard” Chris Jericho, Angelo Parker, Matt Menard, Daniel Garcia and Jake Hager.  

During the match Moxley took a blast from a fire extinguisher. Renee Paquette talked about her reaction to seeing her husband getting the fire extinguisher blown in his face.

“Oh my god, I was like, ‘Is that melting his skin?’ Renee Paquette said. “I was like, is that okay? … It was a knockdown drag-out, they literally just started, I don’t even know if the bell rang. I don’t know what happened … It was a lot of fun though, all things considered, just looking at it from a fan perspective.”

AEW Jon Moxley
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Of all the brutal matches Moxley has had and of all the brutal bumps he has taken I’m sure getting a fire extinguisher blown in his face was just a cool breeze.

What was your favorite match during Double or Nothing?  Do you think the PPV was too long? Is four hours the perfect length or should it be even shorter? Do you think Baker was the right person to win the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament? Leave a comment over on our Twitter and tell us how you would like to see AEW use the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament and how they should treat the winners.


Sources: The Sessions with Renée Paquette, Wrestling Inc.


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