Premium Bandai Releases Donbrothers Villain’s Noto Brace Morpher

Premium Bandai has revealed their newest Donbrothers release, the Noto Brace Morpher.
Donbrothers Noto Premium Bandai

The Noto are the first of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers to get their Changers released as a Premium Bandai item. The latest Sentai warriors are an opposing force against the Rangers of the series and have their own Tokusatsu combat forms. The emblem-based Morpher they wear on their wrists will be released as a collectible item that will also feature lines from the actors. The Changer will also allow fans to change the emblem on their Noto Brace with any of the three, that each Noto member uniquely possesses, to become any warrior they select.

The Noto are the combat rivals of the Rangers in Avataro Sentai Donbrothers who come across as villains, both due to their odd nature and because they kill people when they defeat Hitotsuki. These villain characters in Donbrothers are similar to previous antagonist characters such as Rio and Mele from Gekiranger, who were the main villains of the series.

They are warriors from another world known as Ideon, who despise humanity for their greed and selfishness. Due to human desire, Ideon has been suffering vibrations that affect their world originating from the Hitotsuki. The Noto generals include the calm and intelligent Sonoi (Yuya Tominaga), the fair and love-fascinated Sononi (Amisa Miyazaki), and the erratic and emotion-obsessed Sonoza (Shinnosuke Takahashi).

Each of the Noto Generals have their own uniquely designed armor, with their own individual signature weapon. These include Blue-armoured warrior Sonoi with a Sword, White-armoured Sononi with a Bow, and brown-armored warrior Sonoza with a spear. The chest plates seen on these warriors are formed from the emblem seen on their Morpher. Giving each emblem their own designs imprinted on the Noto Brace, while unmorphed. The Changer that the Noto have is an instant morph sequence for their warrior form, once pressed, and is always on show in civilian form.

Premium Bandai’s Donbrothers Noto Brace Morpher

The Noto Brace set released by Premium Bandai comes with all three emblems belonging to each of the Noto Generals. The device will also come with sounds relating to the Noto in Donbrothers, including 25 recorded lines from each of the Noto actors that consist of Tominaga, Miyazaki, and Takahashi. The transformation of each of the Noto is activated by pressing on the emblem that is set in to the Morpher, which warrior is determined by the emblem that is set. The lines of a Noto will also only play depending on the corresponding emblem set in the brace. Here are the images of the Donbrothers’ Noto Brace released by Premium Bandai.

Many fans were hoping that this Changer would be released when the warriors were first shown on social media. The functions may be limited by effects and recorded lines, but they will be perfect for cosplay or as a fan of the characters. Their key roles in the show have given thrilling suspense to see what may become of them in the end, as the villains in Gekiranger became allies at the end of the Sentai series.

The characters of these warriors are also loved by fans and enhance the show further, especially with the connection between Sonoi and Taro, who is the Red Ranger known as Don Momotaro. The set will be an epic addition to a Sentai fan’s collection and may even be extremely valuable after the show completes its run. This is likely since this 46th Sentai is shaping up to be an iconic Ranger series that will be set as one of the best in history, but only time will tell.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Will you be getting the Premium Bandai Noto Brace Set? What do you think of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers? Is there anything else you wish to be released by the 46th Sentai series? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news.


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