New Gokaiger Silver Morpher Attachment Revealed In Special Twokaizer Crossover

A new Gokaiger Silver Morpher attachment has been revealed as a part of the Twokaiser crossover special.
Gokaiger x Twokaizer Crossover

A new crossover of Gokaiger and Twokaizer has aired and features a new attachment for Gokai Silver. The 35th Sentai meeting of the 45th Sentai’s 6th Ranger has been a fan-anticipated event, as Twokaizer was based on the pirate-themed Ranger team. The Pirate world family’s Flint also makes an appearance, with a role to play in the use of upgrade. The new attachment will also be released as a memorial edition item that will be compatible with the Gokaiger Gokai Cellular, which was previously released for the 6th Ranger of the series.

Twokaiser X Gokaiger: The June Bride Is A Tanuki is a crossover special that was released on Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club on June 5th, 2022. Twokaizer is the 6th Ranger from the 45ht anniversary season, Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, and was based on the past pirate-themed team. The story follows Zox (Atsuki Mashiko) experiencing shock over his sister Flint’s impending marriage and encountering the legendary Captain Marvelous (Ryota Ozawa).

Marvelous is working to discover the secret of fellow pirate Ahim (Yui Koike) and her recent marriage. Junya Ikeda also returned for this event to reprise his iconic role as Gai, Gokai Silver. This special event is also significant to fans in the west as Power Morphicon announced that Ryota Ozawa (Gokai Red/ Captain Marvelous) will be attending the event as a guest actor.


The new feature makes its debut in this special crossover, which is an attachment for the Gokai Celluar. This item is the Morpher of the 6th Ranger, Gokai Silver, and grants additional buttons with helmets of later 6th Rangers. The original buttons on the Gokai Cellular had buttons for Additional/6th Rangers ranging from Zyuranger to Gokaiger, which was needed for the corresponding key for a Gokai Change.

The attachment changes the accessibility for more keys to be used correctly as only the Mobirate uses the key-input function, whereas the Gokai Cellular relies on the corresponding button to be pressed for the correct sound.

The New Attachment For Gokaiger’s Silver Ranger

The new attachment is called the Gokai Tsuiker and is plugged in at the bottom of the Gokai Cellular, which adds a new selection of buttons. The slot for the Gokai Tsuiker is the same that was only used by the Gold Mode Ranger key in the past. Like the number pad originally on the Morpher, the attachment has a second pad added with 6th Rangers from Gobusters to Zenkaiger. This also includes duos such as Beet Buster & Stag Buster, and Lupin X & Patoren X, who will be on separate buttons, unlike the Gold and Silver Rangers from GoOnger. Here are the images of the attachment for the Gokai Celluar in the special crossover.

This special also saw the Twokaizer key being used, which originally came with the Memorial Edition of the Morpher. The use of any key with a Gokaiger Morpher means that anyone can morph into a Ranger if they have both, like many in featured episodes of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Along with the Gokai Tsuiker, both make their debut when Flint is given both the key form of her brother’s powers and the upgraded Gokai Cellular from Gai, to become Twokai Flint.


This special event was perfect to tick every box that fans have been wanting. Not only do we finally see the Pirate World Family and Gokaiger members interacting, but we also have the additional Rangers, in seasons after Gokaiger, being used by Gokai Silver. It was also great to see Flint change using the same dance her brother performs for his transformation sequence.

The core difference compared to Zox is that Flint’s transformation was similar to how Gokaigers’ suits materialize. It’s clear that this was part of a master plan as the next day, a new memorial edition release was announced for the Gokai Tsuiker. This release also comes with additional features for fans to enjoy, including lines from both Zox and Flint. A whole new set of keys have also been bundled for the release, which includes all additional/6th Rangers that appeared in shows after Gokaiger. Here are the images of the Gokai Tsuiker Memorial Edition.

The new attachment is a clear incentive to get the Gokai Cellular, like the Mobirate Memorial Edition for the Gallon Key. The new stand also allows fans to display their new addition with the same high quality as previous releases. The various keys have so much detail on them that they will be a great addition to the display, however, it will be exciting to use the new keys with the extension of buttons. Lines from both Zox and Flint are simply icing on the cake, especially as it still may be some time before fans see any Memorial Edition line from Zenkaiger.

gokaiger new ranger keys

The Gokai Tsuiker and keys set will be released in January 2023. This set will not come with the Twokaizer key as it was already released as part of the Gokai Celluar Memorial Edition set. Other keys from previously key sets will not be included as duplicates such as keys from Gobusters and Kyoryuger. The following keys will come within this set including the following Rangers.

  • Zyuoh TheWorld from Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger
  • HoOh Soldier from Uchu Sentai KyuRanger
  • Lupin X & Patren X from Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger
  • Ryusoul Gold from Kishiryu Sentai RyuSoulger
  • Kiramei Silver from Mashin Sentai Kiramager

What do you think of Twokaiser X Gokaiger: The June Bride Is A Tanuki? Will you be getting the Gokai Tsuiker? Have you got all Memorial Edition releases so far? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news.



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