Donbrothers 6th Ranger, Don Doragokuu, Live-action Images and Links to Sentai Theme Revealed

The Sixth Ranger for Avataro Sentai Donbrothers has been revealed thanks to new live-action images.
Donbrothers 6th Ranger

6th Ranger links to the Sentai theme revealed in Jurai’s Clothes

Many fans were wondering what the 6th Ranger of Donbrothers would be since the Rangers are based on the character of classic Japanese Folklore, Momotaro. The list of possibilities was limited due to the content of the story, so when the Ranger was revealed to have a Dragon/Tiger motif, the link was never fully explained.

However, Jirou’s outfit was designed with the concept of the Ranger in mind and reveals more about the Ranger’s hidden link to the theme of the show. The designer of the outfit worn by the character has previously worked on other additional warriors for past Sentai teams and on social media, they have unveiled the inspired design that reflects the concept for Don Doragokuu/Torabolt. Here is the tweet that reveals more about the new 6th Ranger and his outfit.

Naoto Hirooka is the creator of the clothes that Jirou wears in his civilian form. He is renowned for his work on Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger for working on the outfits for both Twokaizer, Zox Goldtsuiker (Atsuki Mashiko), and Flint Goldtsuiker (Hinami Mori). The outfits of these two characters are Premium Bandai items and consist of multiple items to complete the look.


The new outfit has been revealed to be inspired by golden clothes reminiscent of Chinese dresses. Here is a full look at the outfit that was designed for Raizou Ishikawa as he plays Jirou Momotani.

The Dragon and Tiger are a great part of Chinese folklore and culture, including representing ancient symbols of yin and yang. The use of Chinese-inspired designs suggests that the use of the Dragon and Tiger is a result of the Ranger being designed around Chinese folklore that includes both sacred animals. Although the Tiger and Dragon are seen in many Asian cultures, including Japan, the suit design of Don Doragokuu/Torabolt also supports the theory. This is due to the armor also having a similar flare to Chinese armor.

Considering the designs of Rangers such as Dairanger’s Kibaranger, the belts and armor are similar and match Rangers that are based on Chinese designs. However, the theme of folktales is still the focus of the Sentai series, no matter which country of origin. Fans will likely get Jirou’s outfit as a Premium Bandai release soon, as since there was a release for Hirooka’s Zenkaiger outfits, it would be odd if the same didn’t happen for Donbrothers.

Don Doragokuu will debut in episode 15 of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers this Sunday, the 12th of June in Japan.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

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