Donbrothers 6th Ranger, Don Doragokuu, Live-action Images and Links to Sentai Theme Revealed

The Sixth Ranger for Avataro Sentai Donbrothers has been revealed thanks to new live-action images.
Donbrothers 6th Ranger

Live-action images have been revealed online for the Donbrothers 6th Ranger, Don Doragokuu, leading up to the debut episode. The new gold Ranger is the new awaited premiere for the character in the next upcoming installment of the 46th Sentai series. Details regarding their outfit of Jiro have also revealed the inspiration for the design and grant a better understanding of how the 6th Ranger fits with the theme of the latest Super Sentai Ranger team. The links to the design also hint at the reason why the Dragon and Tiger are the animal motifs of the Ranger, despite not being a part of the Momotaro folktale.

6th Rangers are a reoccurring debut in most Super Sentai series and usually debut on episode 15 for most shows in the franchise. Jirou Momotani (Not Miwawari Jiro) is a new character, played by Raizou Ishikawa, recently revealed in episode 14 of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers, who was revealed to be the 6th Ranger of the new Sentai series. Much like Taro, he was sent to the human world in a peach capsule and was discovered by a policeman, who placed him in an orphanage.

At a young age, he has always followed a voice inside him to become a hero and worked towards that goal. Due to the loss of Taro in the previous episode, Jirou has entered the battlefield but has yet to gain both his Avataro Gears and transformation device.


Previews and news have already shown fans that Jirou will become both Don Doragokuu, and another silver-armored form called Don Torabolt, but only his primary form is expected to premiere in the new episode. With the next episode airing this Sunday, a preview of the new Ranger has already been seen along with his Morpher called the Ryukonogeki. The preview shown at the end of episode 14 showcases the new character, Jirou, in active combat with his new Spear-based transformation device and fighting in his gold Ranger form.

The episode also hints at the return of Taro Momoi who had disappeared as a result of defeat in the battle that occurred in episode 13. This caused his teammates to struggle in their battle against Hitotsuki and the Noto Generals.

The Live-action debut of Don Doragokuu in Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Jirou has been revealed to get his powers in the new episode of Donbrothers, which includes getting both his Avataro Gear and activating his ‘Avataro Change’ to become Don Doragokuu. This gold Dragon Ranger uses the Ryukonogeki in its spear mode as his main weapon for both combat and using other Avataro Gears. However, it appears that before Morphing into a Ranger, the spear has a shorter handle while being used by Jirou unmorphed. Here are the images of Jirou unmorphed as well as the first images of Don Doragokuu in the upcoming episode.

The Doragokuu is a nice size to handle for an awesome morph sequence to be performed, with Jirou looking primed for combat. This is also the first time fans get to see the glasses that Jirou has that all other Rangers use to see an integrated dimension and disguised Anoni foot-soldiers.

The Don Doragokuu suit is far superior to the figures as the finer details are often missed. In this case, the gold texture variations are a big part of the design as the gold on the suit is a smooth matt-like shade, whereas the shield is covered in shiny, gold dragon scales. This variation in shades and textures really brings out the red and black seen all over the armor and decoration of the Ranger.


The weapons wielded are seen much clearer and in greater detail from an image of Don Doragokuu with his additional weapon. This weapon has yet to be seen in the new episode of Donbrothers suggesting that he may not have instant access to his full arsenal until later. The additional weapon may only be accessible once Jirou obtains his silver tiger Ranger form, Don Torabolt, which will include the use of the Ryukonogeki in an axe mode. Here is an image showcasing Don Doragokuu with both weapons that belong to him.

The weapon also looks amazing with all the details around the Ryukonogeki spearhead. The finer details around the inserted Avataro Gear add a level of flare to an already impressive-looking weapon. The dragon insignia on the blade is the finishing touch that would have left a void if it wasn’t present. The Tiger Gong weapon is also present and shows the Avataro Gears that he already has access to, which seem to include a Don Torabolt Gear, Zyuranger’s Dragon Ranger Gear, Don Doragokuu Alter Gear, and a gold Robotaro gear.

Judging by the similarities to the Alter gear, it’s likely that the Robotaro form of the 6th Ranger will be similar, but it may be a few weeks before we see his Zord form revealed.

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