Doctor Who: Neil Patrick Harris Cast As Villain For 60th Anniversary Show

As part of the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who, Neil Patrick Harris has been announced to be part of the special event’s cast.
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As part of the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who, Neil Patrick Harris has been announced to be part of the special event’s cast. This celebration of the British Sci-fi franchise has started filming scenes with the American star, which is expected to include many surprises for fans to enjoy. The actor and comedian’s role has yet to be confirmed but images have already surfaced of Harris. These previews have given fans an idea of the kind of role that Neil Patrick Harris will play alongside another returning highlighted actor.

The 60th Anniversary has been a huge topic for Doctor Who fans since the announcement was made for the special event. Doctor Who first debut in 1963 and has continued to evolve with every generation, including many actors taking the role of the Doctor over the years. There have been over 13 different Doctors in various seasons, with Jodie Whittaker being the 13th Doctor in the most recent episodes. The 14th Doctor has already been announced but before their debut, Whittaker will be participating in the 60th Anniversary special before the next installment begins.

The 60th Anniversary special has already been filming in locations including Bristol, where previews have leaked for fans to see the stars of this incredible event. This special will occur before Ncuti Gatwa will start his time as the 14th Doctor, who will likely be seen at the end of the anniversary episode when Whittaker’s Doctor may regenerate. Previously, the 50th anniversary special, ‘Day of The Doctor’, featured the 12th Doctor, Matt Smith, and saw the return of the 11th Doctor, David Tennant, with John Hurt as the War Doctor. Following this special, the 60th Anniversary is expected to be a momentous occasion with Neil Patrick Harris providing greater anticipation for the premiere.

Doctor Who’s Role For Neil Patrick Harris Revealed…Kind Of

Although an official announcement for his role has yet to be revealed, Neil Patrick Harris has been seen in an extravagant look within an image, which followed the casting announcement. Renown for his role in How I Met Your Mother, Harris is expected to bring his flair and wit to the new role that celebrates 60 years of the Doctor Who franchise. However, some of the latest images have now revealed from the set have given us an idea of the role that Harris will play in the special set to debut next year. Here is the image from his cast announcement, along with another look seen from the set in Bristol.

The setting and stances seen suggest that Neil Patrick Harris will be an antagonist for the 60th Anniversary special, with his scenes in Bristol showing him in a white shirt and waistcoat, along with black suit trousers, leather shoes, and a cane. Harris’ character has been seen among protestors with signs saying, “The end is night… the end of time”, which suggests he may be a vital part of the conflict considering how unfazed he presents himself in the environment.


This new villain Neil Patrick Harris will play has also been described by the showrunner, Russell T. Davis, as the Doctor’s “greatest enemy ever”, which suggests that his character may be the center of the storm. It will also be curious to know if he is the Master, a new villain, or even joined by others for the Doctor to defend against.

Past Doctor Returns With Other Possible Cast Members (Potential Spoilers)

Fans are also delighted to discover that David Tenant will be returning as the 11th Doctor for the 60th Anniversary. This is not the only returning cast member announced as Catherine Tate has also been rumored to be appearing as Donna Noble, with images surfacing from the set where filming is taking place. Tate played as the last companion of the 11th Doctor before Matt Smith continued the legacy as the 12th. Another cast member has also been revealed to be Tasmin Finney, who will be playing a new character, Rose. Images of David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and Tasmin Finney have been revealed on social media, with a new sonic screwdriver also making an appearance.

Tennant and Tate were a fantastic duo that had a unique and hilarious chemistry that led to many iconic moments in their series of Doctor Who. Fans will be curious to know how Donna can return as she became half-Time Lord and half-human in her final episode, which would have killed her if she kept her memories. The possibility of the duo returning is one of the big questions that fans want answers to, but there is a possibility that it may still be the Doctor and Donna before she becomes Doctor Donna.


It is also curious that Finney’s character will be called Rose, as the first companion of the 11th Doctor was named Rose Tyler, who become a love interest but were separated when she was trapped in a parallel dimension. Rose has already been revealed to become the next companion for the Doctor, who will continue that role when the 14th Doctor takes over in the new series.

There is so much anticipation for the 60th anniversary special as there are so many cast members that have already set a high bar. It will be amazing to see Neil Patrick Harris as this villainous character and will be interesting to see if he will remain as an antagonist throughout the show. It will be interesting to see if any other characters will be joining the event as Matt Smith previously appeared on the last anniversary special that occurred during his run.

Plus, both Bernard Cribbins and Jacqueline King have been reportedly spotted on set and were past cast members that played as family members of Donna Noble, who would be interesting additions if part of the main storyline. For now, fans will have to wait and see what other surprises, in addition to the casting of Neil Patrick Harris, may be planned when the premiere of the anniversary special finally airs.

The Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special is currently in production and is set to be released in 2023. More information regarding the air date will be revealed in time. What do you think of Neil Patrick Harris joining the cast? How do you think Neil Patrick Harris will fit into the story? What’s your favorite Neil Patrick Harris performance? Are you excited about the 60th Anniversary special? Let us know on social media, or in the comments below, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more.


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