HUF And Marvel Release A New Hulk Collection

It's time to smash the fashion world with a new Hulk Collection brought to you by HUF and Marvel teaming up this summer.

It’s time to smash the fashion world with a new Hulk Collection brought to you by HUF and Marvel teaming up this summer.

HUF was founded by professional skateboarder Kieth Hufnagel and is a clothing brand known for merging the spirit of skateboarding with street culture. You can find their shop online or around the world. Including shops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Harajuku, Sendai and coming soon to Brooklyn. HUF continues to live up to its name with the new collection featuring Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk which focuses on quality craftmanship and clean aesthetic.


This amazing collaboration highlights one of the most iconic characters in the Marvel Universe in celebration of The Hulk’s 60th anniversary. This Hulk collection is the second Marvel Collection that HUF has dropped and includes a wide variety of items. Key pieces include fleece hoodies and shorts, tees with vintage-inspired belt prints, hats, socks, and a collectable Hulk skate deck. As well as shoppers can find other Marvel favorites like Spider-Man and Wolverine.

It’s all about the Tees

HULK Fashion

One can never have too many tees in their collection. That is a good rule to remember as you start to look over the new HUF x THE HULK collection that is now available. These range from $34, which seems to be the majority, to about $50.

One of the things that really stands out in this collection is the designs that throw it back to where it all began, the comics.

Comfort has never been more stylish

Looking for something to keep you a little warmer this summer? Check out the amazing fleece items that HUF has to offer. Personally, hoodies are a must have and it was a little sad to see this collection only had one with a repeating pattern. Especially when the Wolverine one they launched is just so eye catching. The hoodies run around $85 dollars, while the fleece shorts are $65.

The socks is probably one of the other best things about this collection, along with the already sold out hat. Depending on your style you might like more of the simple design on the white socks, or the retro style on the black. But honestly, both socks are worth splurging on in my opinion. Especially since that are around $18 per pair.

The Skate Deck for the win

Hands down the main focus of this collection is the Skate Decks. I can’t choose which one is my favorite, because I’m a sucker for the contrasting Pink and Green on the Radiate Skate Deck ($80). While at the same time I could watch the GIF of the Hulk Lenticular Skate Deck ($85) all day. Either one of these would look amazing as decorations or hitting the skate park.

This whole collection is a smashing hit for Marvel fans, especially ones who claim Hulk as their favorite. And don’t just stop at looking at all the Hulk stuff, HUF x MARVEL includes a variety of other characters like Storm, Wolverine, Venom, Spiderman, and Ghost Rider. Check out the whole collection here.

Let us know in the comments are you more a tee or hoodie person? Who is your favorite Marvel character? And especially sound off in letting us know which one is your favorite design from HUF’s latest Marvel drop.