Disney Plus Is Getting Bigger And Better With The Arrivals Of R-Rated Deadpool, Deadpool 2, & Logan!!!

Disney Plus Has Deadpool now

Disney Plus, yes the same Disney Plus from the house of mouse is welcoming The Merc with The Mouth, aka Deadpool, and the angriest mutant alive Logan to bring in some chaos, the enjoyable kind of course. Hopefully, now we can get the significant Deadpool 3 announcement at D23 now that Marvel is starting to welcome more TV-MA projects since Marvel Zombies was also confirmed to be for Mature Audiences during the Marvel animation panel. 

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Seeing the “Marvel Legacy films,” aka anything that doesn’t belong or connect to the MCU, will be officially brought to a new audience, and hearing the sweet sensation of a Hugh Jackman Wolverine scream or a Ryan Reynold quip as Deadpool is pure bliss. From a logistic and strategy perspective from Kevin Feige and Disney, this could be a test to see how to adapt these iconic characters and ones fans have been clamoring for years. 


In addition to the Hall H presentation where Marvel Studios gave clarity on what the future holds, and with D23 fast approaching in Sept, could it be that a Deadpool 3 casting or any hint of that film’s story or direction be revealed? Of course, then again, I’m not quite sure what to make this announcement because right now, the future is indeed bright, but the truth is Marvel doesn’t do coincidences, and sadly the Mutant watch continues. Though thinking about the day Deadpool joins the MCU is a little scary, but exciting because Ryan Reynolds plays the character to accurate comic perfection and always brings his A-game. 

Disney Plus Is Daring To Be Bold

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On the one hand, Marvel did just bring back the entire Defenders saga, port it to Disney+, and updated parental restrictions. It’s an interesting move because almost six shows were once lost in streaming purgatory due to every series, from Daredevil to Punisher being canceled and lost adrift until the TV and streaming rights reverted to Marvel Studios. Allowing Daredevil who Charlie Cox plays is allowed to appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home to critical applause and triumphant fan enthusiasm. The future is bright and could not only be brutal, but a shift in maturity and tone is on the horizon. 


Not only is the character now taking prime notice in the MCU, but going forward with his next appearance in She-Hulk is right around the corner. Many are clamoring for the other Defenders to show, and it feels it could be a slow burn, especially with Daredevil: Born Again slated for 2024 and an 18-episode first season to boot. Again the possibilities are endless as of now, and one thing to note is that certain characters work better under the free reign of an R rating or TV-MA. 

For example, Deadpool and The 20th Century Fox Films showed a variety of creative freedom and had a blast peeling back past films’ allure and making critical fun of the established lore. And they were a ton of fun and felt like palette cleansers for when the DCEU and MCU were in constant battle during 2016 and 2018 when both films were released theatrically. 

Now Is The Time For Wilder Marvel Content on Disney Plus

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After everything is mentioned and discussed, the move could be a simple taste of Marvel Studios cornering and appealing to a different demographic and audience while having fun and letting loose. But again this is all hypothetical for now, and just food for thought. Of course for those who haven’t seen the Deadpool films or Logan then this is your chance to see some of or if not the best Marvel films ever put to screen. 

As of today, Deadpool 1&2, and Logan are streaming on Disney+. 

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I’d suggest subscribing to Disney Plus if you haven’t done so already. Did you enjoy the 20th Century Fox Marvel films? Are you a Deadpool fan? Who do you think will play Wolverine in the MCU? When do you think Mutants including Deadpool will appear in the MCU? As always post a like, drop a comment, and follow us on our social media



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